Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3 May 2019 Written Update – Sameer Decides To Close Boutique

Written Update: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3 May 2019 Written Update on

Naina peruses Preeti’s letter that she is cherishing Mumbai and settling great there. She additionally observed Sachin and Amitabh’s homes and will take Sameer, Naina when they visit her in Mumbai. Her relative is additionally pleasant. After Naina completes the process of perusing, Sameer discloses to her that they will visit Mumbai. Rakesh insults to initially procure cash, at that point spend it. He recommends Sameer to begin something new rather doing battle with current business.

He advises to go to Kanpur and Arjun will give him some activity. Chachaji concurs that Sameer ought to carry out a responsibility. Sameer comes up with rationalization and leaves. Afterward, Arjun comes to him and asks him not to come to Kanpur. Rakesh has the misconception that Arjun is carrying on with an extremely cheerful life. Truth is he’s living there as a ghar-jamai (remaining at spouse’s home). He has no regard there. He just gets a decent pay, that’s it in a nutshell. He was never valiant, yet Sameer is and he advises him not to tune in to Rakesh. He demands him not to advise this to Rakesh or Naina.

Afterward, Rakesh advises Sameer to get his and Naina’s tickets for Kanpur. Sameer says he won’t go. Rakesh asks how he will keep Naina glad. Sameer says he realizes how to keep her cheerful. He asks Naina to leave from that point. Rakesh says that is the reason he was against their marriage. He knew Sameer can never accomplish anything. Sameer reveals to Rakesh that he began thinking about Naina now, however, he (Sameer) has thought about her since starting. Sameer grasps Naina’s hand and they leave.

Sameer annihilates boutique in resentment, however, Naina resists the urge to panic and chills his outrage off by embracing him. Sameer says Rakesh is correct that he’s a zero. He couldn’t keep her glad. He will close this boutique and he will end up being a protection specialist. He tumbles down in chaos he made. He takes a gander at Naina and both snicker. Naina says predetermination doesn’t need him to turn into a protection specialist. The opposite side, Rakesh is furious as Sameer isn’t tuning in to his recommendation. He advises Chachaji to influence him to get it.

Sameer and Naina set up boutique once more. Sameer is tragic. Naina guarantees him that there is no reason to worry. He ought not to feel awful about what Rakesh said. He says today Rakesh stated, tomorrow entire world will say. She says she is certain their boutique will work. He requests that her state honestly. She says they don’t have some other choice. He recommends to go to Delhi and he will take in business from his progression father. He will converse with his mother about it. She requests that the state honestly whether he truly needs to do that. He says they don’t have any choice.

They take a break by playing the prepackaged game. Sameer nods off. Naina implores God to accomplish something, so they don’t need to go to Delhi. She knows Sameer is doing this only for her. The female storyteller says she gets exceptionally upbeat reasoning about that day as God tuned in to her petition. In the morning, Sameer brings tea for Naina. Rather awakening her, he sees her resting and grins. He at that point kisses her on the temple which awakens her. She gets amazed as he made tea for her. They drink tea from the same container. Somebody rings the doorbell. Naina opens the entryway. It’s a partner of a renowned entertainer chief. Naina rapidly calls Sameer there. The person says he is from Bombay and they are completing a shoot there and he heard there is a pool in Sameer’s bungalow. He asks whether they can shoot a scene there.

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