Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2 April 2019 Written Update – Couple Gets Locked

Written Update: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2 April 2019 Written Update on

Kanji changes barrel. Naina imagines that she could have done it yet she needed to work the mixture. Sameer says you came here before me so I couldn’t do it. They adorably contend over it. She concedes she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to do it as Chachi ji used to send her and Preeti outside for other work rather than kitchen tasks. She likewise understands that he fears an evolving barrel. He answers that he isn’t even terrified of the lion. She says Sameer Maheshwari can do various stuff yet not change chamber. He prods her that she doesn’t know the distinction between jeera and ajwain. She gets the roller to frighten him and he flees.

Naina sends Kanji home through the afternoon. I have done everything as of now. Sameer asks her for what good reason she did this yet she will not converse with him. He says the equivalent consequently. Tai ji demands that she additionally had a privilege on that. Tau ji says despite everything we have a directly over it. Bela calls attention to that Rakesh has taken cash consequently of it. Indeed, even Bhabhi ji said it once that it very well may be given to nine. Tai ji lies that she never uttered a word that way. I had kept it for Pralay’s significant other. Anand approaches them how they can request it from Naina now as she is hitched.

They demand that Naina is hitched to a rich family now. She can have numerous such pieces of jewelry. Anand won’t yet his sibling advises his significant other to call Sameer’s Mama. Disclose to them that Anand has stealthily offered it to Naina. They stole it from us. Bela offers to give her another accessory rather yet Anand needs to offer it to Preeti in her marriage. Anand solicits them to share the cost from that Kundan jewelry. Tau ji cites 1 lac. Anand consents to give his offer (50k). He requests sometimes. Tau ji needs it recorded as a hard copy. Taiji brings a neighbor to be their observer.

Sameer is remaining in the gallery while Naina is close to the pool. They make faces at one another. Them two are feeling hungry and head the first floor. He advises her not to make anything for him. I will make tea for myself. She guides him to make it all alone. He supposes he won’t get sustenance today. I will have tea and roll. Inside, Naina is irritated with his fits of rage. She abruptly understands that she left the gas on. Then again, Sameer is searching for lighter. He is going to light it when she comes hurrying to the kitchen. She reproves him for not getting the smell of gas. She takes him outside. We won’t head inside. He concurs. The solid breeze blows. The fundamental entryway gets bolted. They don’t have either keys or wallet.

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