Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19 June 2019 Written Update – Naina feeds Sameer food

Written Update: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19 June 2019 Written Update on

Vanita’s little girl requests that her mom come as school transport may come. Jatin gets some information about Sahiba. Maan says we rested extremely late. Sejal sees him in stun. Maan clarifies that they were viewing a motion picture. He recommends Vanita to open a rec center in the general public itself. Jatin can utilize this open door as well. Jatin likes the thought as the whole society will go together.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19 June 2019

Indeed, even Sejal consents to join. Jatin leaves with Maan. Vanita says who opens an exercise center in the public arena. They will request to open pool and something different later on! Some time ago individuals used to state that the earth is level however somebody was rubbished off for saying that the earth was round! Everybody accepts that today. Vanita rebuked the possibility of exercise center and pool that day however it is the typical in each general public at this point!

Sameer gets back home. He stows away to amaze Naina believing that she is working in the kitchen however he winds up embracing Rakesh. Rakesh recommends him to grow up. It’s been a year since you folks are hitched now! Sameer makes a straight face and gets some information about Naina.We were extremely amazed with respect to a pager. It was extraordinary for her to believe that we could communicate something specific without wires and stuff! It was a shock for us! Who recognizes what all adjustments in 20 years!

Shubham just needs to purchase pager as Jatin instructed him to. Nirmala ji says you merit it. At least you are working not normal for certain individuals! Sameer welcomes Sejal and Sahiba. Sejal sees the sign of lipstick on Sameer’s cheek. She requests that he come. He is strolling towards her when a person goes from that point conveying a mirror. Sameer sees the imprint and cleans it before Sahiba can see it. Sahiba proposes Sejal to invest less energy with Vanita. They say goodbye to Sameer. Sejal is in musings.

Naina is addressing Preeti on the off chance that she filled structure for parlor course. Preeti says I need to deal with everybody. Naina says you will discover time for it sometime in the not so distant future. You are incredible as you are contemplating every other person! She waves at Preeti from the overhang. Much obliged to you for offering breakfast to Preeti. Preeti says he said he will eat with you. Naina says he didn’t even eat here. I will leave a message for him expressing that I won’t eat anything till he eats! He is additionally remaining at your home. I can’t converse with him much. I wish there was something through which I could leave him a message. Preeti grins reviewing her discussion with Shubham in regards to the pager.

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