Yeh Teri Galiyan 6 February 2020 Written Update – Asmita says I won’t leave

Devika says nobody can interfere with a mother and her little girl. She says Krishi, I don’t have a clue whether you’re tuning in to me however a youngster hears mother even in rest. I realize you are tuning in. We as a whole love you. Dad can’t inhale without you and you’re here with eyes shut. This isn’t reasonable. We are concerned and strained. On the off chance that you find a workable pace, all grin.

Devika cries. Devika says you’re exceptional to us. Like the animation character that satisfies everybody. Or on the other hand, would you like to make all of us dismal? Tell mom Krishi, it would be ideal if you Shan says it isn’t making a difference. As a result of you, my little girl is languishing. You’re answerable for the entirety of this. Get out. Krishi holds Devika’s hand. Shan embraces her and says Krishi.

He holds her hand. Shan says Krishi, won’t you embrace dad? Krishi says you are not my dad. How might you give mother’s place to this aunt? Shan says I can’t give your mother’s place to anybody. Krishi says I just need my Asmita mom. I needn’t bother with this aunt. I can’t make anybody my mother. How might you do this? I realize you miss mother. In any case, how might you make this aunt my mother?

Yeh Teri Galiyan 6 February 2020 Written Update

I will live without mom as Chahat does. Shan says Krishi. Krishi says please go from here. I need to be distant from everyone else. Krishi says please father. The specialist says let her rest, it would be ideal if you Devika says how might we disregard her. The specialist says please go out. He says Krishi please unwind.

Akira says to Devika what’s your opinion of yourself? Do you figure we don’t have the foggiest idea of what you’re doing this for cash? Get out. Devika says I won’t go anyplace. Nevi says how might you live here? Akira says she won’t leave without the cash. Shan says take your cash and leave. As a result of you, I lost Asmita. What’s more, presently my girl. He signs a check and says leave now. It’s an unlimited free pass.

Take it and leave. Devika takes a gander at the check and destroys it. Asmita says I won’t leave. I am not doing this for cash. I am doing this for feeling. Does Shan say what feeling? She says Krishi’s mom’s feelings. Nevi says is that the main explanation? Is it accurate to say that you are remaining here for Krishi? Devika says for Krishi and her dad. Does Shan say what do you mean? Devika says I love. Akira says what junk.

Devika says I won’t leave. I love Shan. I will make space in Krishi’s heart that I can be her mom. My adoration for you and Krishi will make this family mine. Nobody can show me out of this house. I won’t leave regardless. Devika embraces Shan and says I love you. I am grieved. I didn’t design it. It simply occurred. I don’t know-how. I was autonomous. You’re a stunning man. I have an inclination that I had been identified with you and Krishi. I can’t reveal to you that you are so essential. I love you.

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