Yeh Teri Galiyan 5 February 2020 Written Update – Try not to attempt

Nevi says the houses looks void without the children. Shan says I am so glad Krishi went to class after so long. Nevi says we ought to say thanks to Devika. The children return. Shan embraces them. Nevi says get crisp and we should eat. Chahat says initially meet the shabby individuals Krishi brought inside. Akira says there were two destitute individuals outside eating out and about. Chahat says they are so chaotic. Nevi says awful habits Chahat. We will give them nourishment and send them back. Chat brings Devika’s Chacha Chachi inside. Devika is stunned. Devika attempts to stow away. She tells Shan. Chachi says this young lady brought her inside. We didn’t have the foggiest idea about this large house is of our girl Devika. Krishi says who Devika? Her Chacha focuses at Devika and says her. Our little girl. Krishi says who Devika? Krishi says mom for what reason would they say they are calling you Devika?

Yeh Teri Galiyan 5 February 2020 Written Update

Devika says who are you? I don’t have any acquaintance with you. Who are you? get out. Chachi says disgrace on you. You came here and overlooked us? We have proofs. Devika says go from here. Krishi says stop mother. We will know whether they are lying. Chachi shows Devika’s photograph with them. Does Krishi say on the off chance that they’re your Chacha Chachi for what reason would they say they are calling you Devika? She quits relaxing. Krishi is crying. She says please reveal to me, mom. Shan says Krishi kindly don’t cry Krishi says my mom is Asmita. For what reason would they say they are calling her Devika? What is this photograph? Shan says hear me out. Krishi blacks out. Shan says I won’t leave you on the off chance that anything happens to my Krishi.

Devika takes Chacha chachi to the room and says for what reason did you do this? Chachi says you are such a characterless young lady. You’re living here with that rich man? You have no disgrace. Your mom is hospitalized. What’s more, you left us in destitution and you came here. Your mom is passing on. Devika says enough. You never thought about me and my mom. You, individuals, have such a modest attitude. I am finished. Leave at the present time. I have no connection with you. Try not to attempt to meet my mom and I. Take your cash and leave. Simply go. Chachi says she has no disgrace. She is requesting that we leave and giving us this cash?

Yeh Teri Galiyan 5 February 2020 Written Update

You got this lottery and giving us this limited quantity? She is going to slap her. Shan comes there and pushes her. He says don’t set out to contact her. Remember you’re in my home. I mentioned her to come here in light of the fact that my girl needs her. She isn’t characterless and I won’t endure anybody denouncing her. You have such a modest mindset. In any event, let her talk. Chachi says this is our family matter. Devika says stay very. Shan says I am not doing this for you. I would do this for any young lady. Krishi’s circumstance is crazy. I shouldn’t have confided in you and ought to have told Krishi. Take your family and go out. Never give me this face again.

I have great recollections related to it. Devika says enough. I accomplished such a great deal for you. You’re yelling on me? I didn’t come here on your solicitation. I came here to my will. I recognize what a mother resembles a kid. I know on the grounds that my mom was sick. I won’t leave until Krishi is alright. Shan leaves. Devika says to leave at this moment or I will call the police. Chacha chachi leave. Devika plunks down crying and says I will mend Krishi. She is right now of me.

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