Yeh Teri Galiyan 4 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Will unite my Ram & Sita

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 4 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

Asmita says this dia is of my and shan’s adoration. Nobody can blow it. Nevi blow it. In any case, nothing happens. Asmita says see. Nevi says truth is Shan is hitched to Nandani. Today is their wedding night. You need to enliven the space for them. Nandani is so over-energized. She is infatuated with Shan. By what method will you spare Shan from a fixated sweetheart? She leaves.

Nandani is on her bed. Somebody comes in. She does her ghunghat. It’s Thaku mama. Nandai says what are you doing here. I am so energized Shan must be coming whenever. Thaku mama bolts the entryway. Nandani says what’s happening with you. Thaku mama breaks the blossoms. she says you won’t’ have a wedding night today around evening time. Nandani says why not. I wedded him.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 4 July 2019 Episode

Thaku mama says I don’t figure he would come. Nandani says by what method can he not. Thaku mama says you need to quiet down. Sit tight for him. Nandani says what are you saying. Thaku mama says he is glad. He would come to you when he comprehends you are a decent young lady. You can’t be hurried., Nandani says I get it. I will be as you need me to be. I will make Shan mine. Thaku mama embraces her.

Nandani says I will murder everybody in the event that he doesn’t turn into mine. thaku mama says you simply need to remain quiet. Shan recalls everything that occurred. He hits his hand on the column. asmita comes and says for what reason are you harming yourself. He says I am so heartbroken. You were offended as a result of me. I am so upbeat Ridoy is back, however, I feel strange considering you to be his better half.

How would I persuade my heart? This inclination I have when you are before me. What do I do with it? He embraces asmita. Asmita says in the heart our affection will win. Shan says I need to control my feelings. Else, you will be offended and I won’t probably deal with it. He leaves. Asmita grins. She says thank you, God. His heart is forever mine.

Ridoy kills the light on and. He is on his seat. He reviews Shan going to fill Asmita’s hairline. He reviews what excellence said and Moushmi saying Asmita cherishes Shan. Shan is drinking. He reviews his minutes with Asmita. He says I adore you asmita. I realize you are Ridoy’s better half. in any case, I can’t see you being charged. I destroyed everything. He drinks more. Shan says what should I do. My heart thumps for Asmita. I cherish her and I do. Nothing can change that.

Asmita goes to the room. Ridoy opens the light. Asmita is frightened. Ridoy gets up. Asmita reviews Ridoy attempting to assault her. ASmita keeps running outside. Ridoy holds her hand. Asmita pushes his hand. Asmita says don’t draw close to me or I will.. She picks the blade. Asmita says don’t approach me. I will kill you this time. Ridoy holds her hand. Asmita says leave my hand. He takes the blade from her.

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