Yeh Teri Galiyan 26 April 2019 Written Update – Ridoy stops Breathing

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 26 April 2019 Written Update on

Nevi says I need to go in. He is my child. She emerges and cries. Ridoy is brought home. The specialist says he is harmed. His life is in peril. Nevi says nothing can happen to my Ridoy. He says I will attempt my best. Nevi says to shan you and Asmita did this. For this young lady you executed you, sibling? Shan says this isn’t Asmita’s deficiency. Nevi says Asmita he cherished you. For what reason did you do this. Shan he confided in you to such an extent. Nevi says you chose to go on the special first night. Nevi says Shan you are a killer. Asmta says he isn’t. Nevi says you crushed a family. Ladies as you don’t merit a family. The medical caretaker comes and says his condition is compounding. Nevi keeps running up.

The specialist checks him. Ridoy quits relaxing. Everybody is disoriented. Ridoy moves his hand. The specialist checks her. Asmita says Ridoy open your eyes. Your mother and everybody is here for you. They all adoration you. If you don’t mind open your eyes once. Ridoy opens eyes. Nevi says Ridoy.. My child. Absolutely never abandon me please. Ravindra holds his hand. Asmita comes in sanctuary. Shan says what he did with you.. it must be extremely troublesome for you. Regardless you had a go at sparing his life.

Asmita says he adored you as a sibling. He was a guiltless person. We have made him like this. Asmita says this happened to his since I wedded him. We did this to him. He is your sibling. We can fix him. Nevi says to asmita don’t remain in this house any longer. Return were you originated from. Shan says your child is home not in prison in light of the fact that asmita is a pleasant young lady. he endeavored to drive asmita. Nevi says this young lady wedded him and went on special night with him. For what reason did she wed him? I acknowledged her for ridoy and she did this? He attempted to approach his significant other. Shan says affronting a lady isn’t worthy.

Nevi says she is decent by any stretch of the imagination. My child cherished her that is the reason she is here. She needs to go out this moment. Both of you have destroyed my life. Shan says we wont leave this. house. Until Ridoy is better I wont leave. He is my sibling. Nevi says this young lady won’t live here. Specialist says she can’t leave. Ridoy began breathing since she was there. They run upstairs.

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