Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 September 2019 Written Update – What Voice Over tells to Shaan

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 September 2019 Written Update on

The episode starts, She requests that Inspector go and says we will deal with. Krishi says the video was there in the portable, I am not lying. The reviewer asks Asmita to deal with her little girl and goes. Krishi requests that he stop and reveals to Asmita that she had seen her lighting the flame, She embraces Asmita and cries. Asmita says you can’t lie, quit crying and they go to the room. Nivedita thinks Nandini more likely than not do this and thinks where was that video. Nandini comes to room and says thank god, I erased that video else I would have been gotten.

She thinks to drop Krishi to pari Mahal and says she can’t remain like typical young ladies, as just Chahat has that right, says Shaan and Asmita’s paap ki tokri can’t remain here. She considers somebody and offers her arrangement with that individual to send Krishi to pari Mahal. Asmita and Krishi are outside. Asmita asks what occurred and requests that she be upbeat and says today is your first day in school. Krishi says she simply need daddy and her together. Asmita says you will not talk this and requests that she come.

Peon comes and says Principal called you to lodge. Asmita takes Krishi to Principal. Peon feels terrible for Krishi. Chief discloses to Asmita that Krishi can’t get affirmation in her school as Krishi didn’t get the breezing through imprints in the test. Asmita vows to focus on her examinations and requests that her get her conceded. She inquires as to whether there is anyway. Chief says we can concede her in games share. She says tomorrow is the running challenge and on the off chance that she wins, at that point, the imprints will be added to this. Krishi says she will win. Chief sends her out.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 September 2019

Krishi goes out and sees Nandini there. Nandini says I heard that you are taking confirmation from games share and says you don’t have the right to be here where my Chahat is remaining. She says you have the right to be in Pari Mahal, from where your folks came.. Krishi asks where is it? Nandini says I will take you there. Krishi says I will go with my folks and before that, I will win the race. Nandini says you are so certain. Krishi says you don’t have any acquaintance with me and tells that she will win the race.

She inquires as to whether I win then what you will do. Nandini says I will one thing told by you. Krishi says on the off chance that I lose, at that point, I will consent to your adage. Nandini says in the event that you lose, at that point you need to leave with your mamma. Krishi says alright, you don’t have the foggiest idea how quick I run. Nandini says you can’t run quicker than my musings. She says good luck. Krishi says good luck to you as well.

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