Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Nandani was Dreaming

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

It’s morning. Asmita and Shan are snoozing in the wilderness. Shan awakens. He glances around. Shan gives her shadow from sun. Asmita awakens. Shan says would you say you are alright? Asmita says yes. We should give finding a way a shot. He says I looked throughout the night. Asmita says let me look. She strolls in the wilderness. Shan says for what reason are you not tuning in.

There is no chance to get there. You are stumbling. Asmita says you generally figure I can’t do anything. Shan says this is the thing that I adore about you. Continually being stressed. Shan says for what reason do I feel more for you than Puchki? Asmita begins strolling. Shan says cautious.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 25 June 2019 Episode

Thaku mama says to excellence you are so pointless you can’t discover a young lady. Magnificence says is it the genuine puchki? Thaku mama says what do you mean. Excellence says nothing you’re old. Thaku says I know individuals more than you. Thaku mama leaves. Magnificence says I will see whether this is genuine Puchkki or not.

Nandani is perched in transit. Moushmi says for what reason would you say you are staying here? Nandani says disregard me. she says a child of this house is absent and none of you give it a second thought. where are Shan and asmita? Shan comes in and says I am here.

Nandani embraces him. Asmita comes in as well. Nandani throttles her and says I asked you to avoid shan. For what reason did you go with her. Nandani was imagining this. Ravindra says Shan where were you? He says we were stuck in the wilderness. Bua says express gratitude toward God both of you are fine. Come in. Asmita searches for Moni. She is no place.

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