Yeh Teri Galiyan 2 October 2019 Written Update – Who Proposes Asmita? and What is the Response

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 2 October 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shaan and Asmita take out the durga maa’s chunari off their heads. Pandit ji requests that they do aarti. They start doing the aarti together. Jai mata di plays… .Nandini gets resentful. Krishi expresses gratitude toward Devimaa and says no one can isolate my mummy and Papa for seven births. They have done the first aarti together and inquires as to whether she is stating right. Pandit ji says yes. Krishi thanks the God. Every one of the women makes the sound.

Mr. Shekhawat comes there and the Servant brings cake. He calls Asmita and says today is the twofold satisfaction, today is the Durga puja and your birthday too. Krishi wishes her a cheerful birthday. Mr. Shekhawat requests that she cut the cake. Mr. Shekhawat’s child additionally requests that her cut the cake. Asmita blows on the flame and cuts the cake. She finds the ring box in it.

Mr. Shekhawat requests that she open it. Asmita opens it and discovers the ring in it. Mr. Shekhawat plunks down on his knees and says I adore you so much and need to wed you. Nandini grins. Shaan is stunned. Mr. Shekhawat says he needs to give father’s name to Krishi and asks will you wed me? His child asks Asmita to state yes. He says I realize this is stunning for you, however you realize that I have regard and love for you in my heart.

He requests that her state something and approaches do despite everything you have a place for this man who has given you torment for your entire life. He inquires as to whether she has a love for Shaan still. Asmita tells that she has no affection for anybody and tells that adoration happens just once. Mr. Shekhawat says you need to overlook and proceed onward. He says you couldn’t proceed onward as Shaan is in your heart still. Asmita says Shaan isn’t in my heart any longer and says she has left those paths and is here a direct result of Krishi. Mr. Shekhawat tells that he trust her and needs to give her everything the joy of life. He says I will deal with you and will sit tight for all of you life. I will never deceive you, I generally treasure and worth you, I cherish you.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 2 October 2019

He says I adore you a great deal. Shaan goes from that point upset. Nandini grins. Asmita additionally goes from that point. Krishi goes to Devimaa and says mamma and Papa will remain with one another for seven births. She says don’t make Shekhawat uncle wed my mamma and says my genuine Papa is Shaan Papa. Nandini comes to Krishi and says you are asking that Shekhawat doesn’t wed Asmita. She requests that her acknowledge him quietly, says Durga maa needs to spare you from me and requests that her go. Krishi says this will never occur, says mamma and Papa battle as they adore one another.

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