Yeh Teri Galiyan 2 May 2019 Written Update – Shan Shoves Ridoy Off The Cliff

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 2 May 2019 Written Update on

Shan says inform truth concerning your show or I will push you. Ridoy says no, please. shan says now admit what you are up to. Friday acts like a kid and says please abandon me. Shan says 3.. 2.. Ridoy giggles. He says yes I am an entertainer. What would you be able to do? This will be fun when I contact asmita close you. Go near you. shan says you have stooped so low. I can’t trust you are my sibling. Ridoy says you took my adoration from me. Is it accurate to say that you are my sibling? Nobody can take asmita from me. She must be mine for my entire life. You lost all the adoration I had for you.

Ridoy says this time I will be near asmita. You won’t most likely reveal to her fact. You know where she is from. She will be utilized. Shan pushes her. Asmita comes running ther.e Asmita says shan stop. Ridoy acts like a tyke and says abandon me. Ridoy says you can’t do anything Shan. Regardless of whether I push you, I won’t go to imprison. I will push you at that point do what I need with asmita. He has a go at pushing Shan. shan protects himself. Ridoy falls in the water. Asmita comes running there.

She says Ridoy. Shan says he was endeavoring to murder me. Asmita says enough. It’s past the point of no return. For what reason did you do this. Asmita says I need to capture you. Shan sees her uniform. He says would you say you are? She says yes. I am a police officer. she lets him know everything. Asmita says I was going to let you know. I was here on a mystery mission for your case.

Shan says I am so glad for you. Asmita says I am not pleased with what you did. You need to come to imprison with me. Shan says I will do what you inquire. Neel comes. Does he say where is riody? Asmita says Shan has run with need. I will deal with everything. Neel takes Shan. Does Neel say for what reason did you do this? Shan says I didn’t do this. It occurred coincidentally. He had a go at executing me.

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