Yeh Teri Galiyan 2 April 2019 Written Update – Asmita & Ridoy Marriage

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 2 April 2019 Written Update on

Asmita says to Ridoy I got hitched to Shan, not you. He says I don’t acknowledge it. Asmita says you need to. Would despite everything you like to cherish me? It is vital for you to know this fact. Ravindra says would you say you are for the most part insane? For that young lady, everybody in this house is going insane. He says in the event that you leave our family name you will be zero. Shan says I did all that all of you generally asked yet this house has no space for adoration and sympathy.

I lost my character when I went into this house. I was made something I wasn’t. Ravindra says didn’t you realize that when you were taking everything from this house? Nevi says you are so narrow-minded. Ravindra says I truly cherish you don’t do this. Shan says then acknowledge my adoration. If you don’t mind giving me my affection. Give me my life. Nevi says shut up. You need everything

in this house. Sir requested that you abandon her just and you are offending her for that second rate class young lady. Shan says than for what reason would you like to make her your DIL. Ravindra says I won’t give that young lady a chance to live in harmony. Shan says I am with her. You can’t hurt her. I am with her. Do what you need. Shan leaves. Ridoy says with new life we can get over every one of these things. I don’t have an issue with this. I truly cherish you. I can do anything for you. You can overlook Shan and push forward with me. that is valid.

I truly love. I need to consume my entire time on earth with you. Asmita says reconsider. He says we know one another. Let’s get hitched. Try not to think any longer. I will fix everything. I realize you don’t love me yet I will love you till you begin to look all starry eyed at me. Asmita says I have a couple of conditions. Nobody would show me out of that house. Ridoy gets back home and tells everybody I am wedding asmita. Her condition is that we will take Barat in Sona gachi. Nevi says are you insane. we can’t go to those grimy avenues. Ridoy says don’t go overboard. Shan comes. He says for what reason did you this Asmita. How might I live without you?

Asmita says Shan I will be before you each minute yet with your sibling. This would be my vengeance for my mom’s demise. Ravindra says shan Asmita said she needs to wed Ridoy. We are getting him hitched to Asmita. Shan says you can’t do this. Shan says to Ridoy she doesn’t love you. She is simply furious. She adores me. Ridoy says where was your adoration when you have shown her out? For what reason did you continue misleading me when you knew everything? You wedded her by tricking me. Shan says she was never your better half. They both push one another.

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