Yeh Teri Galiyan 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Asmita Goes to Temple

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

Asmita calls Nevi. She says is Shan there? Nevi says no. I thought he is with you. How is Krishi? Asmita hangs up. Asmita says, where are you, Shan? Shan goes to where Nandani requested that he come. He says Chahat. Shan opens the vehicle entryway and says Chahat. Chahat blacks out inside. Nandani says she is improving at this point. Drink water first. Shan beverages water and blacks out himself.

Nandani says in heart now I will perceive how Shan goes to Krishi. He won’t go there. She would pass on today. This is Kalyug. Shan is blacking out. Shan says Chahat. Wake up. Nandani says Shan you don’t look great. He blacks out. Chahat says mother what befell daddy? Nandani says he would be fine. We need to take him home and get him a few medications. Asmita says to the specialist we can’t continue pausing kindly accomplish something.

Shikhawat says I have orchestrated the blood. The specialist sends it for the test. Shekhawat says I disclosed to you I won’t let anything happen to Krishi. You don’t need to stress. Asmita says bless your heart. The blood is being tried. Nandani comes and replaces the blood. She says in heart this Krishi needs beyond words.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 15 October 2019

Shan sees Krishi is his obviousness. The specialist says we can’t give this blood to Krishi. This blood is debased. Orchestrate crisp blood. Asmita cries adn says my Krishi. Shekhawat says how is this conceivable. Asmita says what might befall my Krishi. Asmita plunks down and cries.

Shan comes to Krishi and holds her hand. He says your great dad is here. He would fix everything. You are courageous right? Nothing would occur. Krishi opens her eyes. She says, dad. Shan awakens. He says Krishi. Nevi sees him and says Shan you’re resting here. Krishi is battling for her life. Go there and spare her.

The specialist says the time is sneaking out of hands. Asmita goes to the sanctuary and says on the off chance that anything happens to Krishi I won’t pardon you. If it’s not too much trouble spare my little girl. Asmita does tandav. Shan enters the emergency clinic. Asmita says Shan where were you? Our little girl. Accompany me. Asmita says specialist her father is here. The specialist says you’re late.

We couldn’t spare the young lady. Shan says this can’t occur. Asmitaa shouts. Nandani grins. She says Krishi’s section is finished. Shan says I am heading inside. This can’t occur. The specialist says this is the truth. Shan keeps running in. Krishi has no heartbeat. Shan and Asmita are in stun. Asmita shouts and cries. Nandani is supplicating.

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