Yeh Teri Galiyan 14 May 2019 Written Update – Asmita & Shan Save The Baby Life

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 14 May 2019 Written Update on

Neel says what will happen when they meet. We must be cautious. Magnificence picks the blade and says if that kid passes on everything will unravel. Presently you perceive how I take such kid’s reality. I will make a misconception between them that could never be settled. Shan is in the vehicle. Baba says think once previously. He says I take my choices. I have chosen. I am just going to tune in to my psyche. He wears a hoodie and goes to the emergency clinic. Asmita is there with the infant. She says I don’t’ like medical clinics as well. There was one individual who gave me the courage to be there. I trust you additionally discover a companion.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 14 May 2019

A few hooligans goes to the medical clinic. they shoot all over the place. They come towards asmita. Shan hits them. He holds Asmita’s hand and removes her from there. Everybody keeps running from the medical clinic. The hooligans are after asmita and shan. They stow away in a room. The hooligans state nobody can spare her today. Asmita says this present kid’s life is in threat. Shan requests that her stay very. asmita calls the police from her telephone. The hooligans shoot outside.

They stow away in the storm cellar. Asmita and shan take a gander at one another. The tune darmyaam plays. Asmita tumbles from stairs. Shan spares the infant. He gives her back to Asmita. Asmita ties the infant despite her good faith. The hooligans discover them The news is accounted for on media. Shan puts blade on the head hooligan and says put your weapons on the floor. they hit Shan. Shan hits them back. Shan says asmita please go. Police comes in. Hooligans hit Shan. Asmita hits them with a bar. They hold hands and hit every one of them. A hooligan comes to wound Asmita. Shan spares her and gets wounded himself.

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