Yeh Teri Galiyan 12 April 2019 Written Update – Who is Ridoy Wife too?

Written Update: Yeh Teri Galiyan 12 April 2019 Written Update on

Ridoy says will you document provocation case? Asmita says yes. Everybody is stupified. Nevi says what’s going on in this house. Shan said it was a mishap. We need to go to Pooja. Ridoy says yet. Nevi says enough. You ought to figure out how to control your indignation. She leaves. Ridoy says mama spared you or I could send you to imprison. Nevi says visitors are coming. Go from here everybody. Shan says Asmita. Asmita leaves.

Excellence says to Nevi why you spared Shan? Nevi says you can never get me. She leaves. Magnificence says what is this lady up to. Nevi says paro for what reason aren’t you doing this pooja for sha. Paro says I can’t. Eauty says he is your better half. Shan says we aren’t hitched and we don’t’ cherish one another. Nothing can bring us close enough to do this pooja. Excellence says so who is your better half? Who is Ridoy’s better half as well? Nevi says Beauty what are you saying. Ravindra says Sahn accompany me.

Ravindra says enough. You wedded with assent. Enough of this. Paro is your significant other better acknowledge that or you are out of this family. shan says the genuine connection is just when you are not bound by words. Asmita is my wife and nothing can change that reality. Nobody can be a major part of my life. Ravindra says then go out. Shan says I won’t. You brought me here. I moved toward becoming what you needed me to be, I will remain here till I need to.

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