Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5 July 2019 Written Update – Who is the Painting Girl

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The Episode begins with Abir messaging Mishti and kidding. Kunal asks to whom are you talking now. Abir says Mishti, about you and Kuhu, let me know whether you prefer her, you said that all is well, won’t you reveal to me reality. Kunal says actually nothing is arranged, Kuhu’s family is thinking about another person for her. Abir asks what.

Mishti goes to the room. Kuhu asks did you lock me. Mishti closes the entryway and asks her not to yell. Kuhu insults her. Mishti says you think Kunal will flee with you, Kunal is an Indian kid, they are continually remaining with their mother for their entire lives, you ought to get this. Kuhu blows up. Mishti says we will see it is possible that you or your Dragon Saas, who is the greater scalawag, I went to Rajvansh house to converse with Abir, he was with his Nanu, I didn’t converse with him.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5 July 2019

Kunal says I don’t need Kuhu not to wed anybody whom she doesn’t care for, she cherishes me. Abir asks do you like her, let her go on the off chance that you don’t love her, you can neither tell mother nor Kuhu’s family, at that point let her proceed onward. Kunal inquires as to whether I state I will wed Kuhu, the truth of the matter is. I figured I could always be unable to adore anybody after Shweta, I cherish all of you in family, I was shaken up when Shweta came, I understood that Kuhu felt terrible with Shweta’s arrival so I felt awful.

Abir says it implies you care for Kuhu, in the event that you don’t need her to wed another person, you need to give her a responsibility when your heart says. Kunal supposes all of you are my responsibility, I m doing this for all of you. Kuhu asks Mishti to simply quiets down. Mishti says I won’t let you flee and make this family self-destruct. She supposes to message Abir and stops.

She supposes he has bothered everything, I never thought of adoration, this can influence our kinship, he enjoys me, how? Its morning, Mishti prepares. Abir calls her. She sees the video call and rapidly propers her hair. Abir inquires as to for what reason did you not call. She says you said you are occupied, you didn’t call, I felt like another person had sent that message. He says appears as though you were occupied. She says truly, Kuhu attempted to flee. He asks what, you ought to have called me.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5 July 2019

She says she is at home, I halted her somehow. He says I think Kunal likes Kuhu. She inquires as to for what reason doesn’t he say something. He says one needs to acknowledge it, Kuhu got another partnership now. She asks how would you know. She says Kuhu told Kunal and Kunal let me know, he looks upset. She says it implies Kunal has something in heart for Kuhu. He says truly, yet your family won’t acknowledge Kunal. She asks will it be on the whole correct to hurt them. He approaches won’t you battle for your adoration.

She asks what will I do. He says I will do everything and clarify them, I will do anything and won’t forfeit my adoration if it’s bound for me, imagine a scenario where my sweetheart doesn’t remain by me, I will think she never cherished me, so Kunal needs to converse with mum himself. She says indeed, we won’t have much time, Chauhans would come.

Ketki asks where is everybody. Nanu gives the breaking news. Abir comes. She asks what’s going on here. Abir says simply pursue my lead and you will realize what’s happening. Kunal comes. Abir says I will tell a word and after that, you disclose to me any word that comes in your psyche. Kunal comes and says Kuhu on hearing word rainbow.

Parul asks what did you simply state, Kunal. Kunal says not done Abir. Nanu says you just said Kuhu. Jasmeet says Kuhu is fortunate. Varsha says its a bit much that this proposition is directly for her. Rajshri says Kunal wasn’t directly for Kuhu. Vishwamber says we don’t think a lot about Kunal yet we know his mum, she won’t let Kuhu remain in harmony.

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