Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3 July 2019 Written Update – Mishti sees her painting and gets shocked

Written Update: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3 July 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kuhu saying you won’t get the individual you adore and after that, you will know how I m feeling. Mishti cries and considers Abir. Abir plays guitar and considers Mishti. Parul comes to Kunal and cries. He says I thought it was mother, I asked Jugnu to call my mother, it would be ideal if you leave or will I leave. Meenakshi comes and requests that he keep the peace.

Kunal says Maasi and Abir can’t get me, I need to converse with you. Meenakshi approaches Parul to disregard them for quite a while. Parul goes. Meenakshi says I recognize what Shweta did, Abir let me know. He says no, this is a result of Abir himself, Abir likes Mishti. She gets stunned and asks what. He says Mishti is removing Abir from us, I m not ready to do anything. She asks what, Abir. He says I saw it myself. She says Abir and Mishti, unthinkable, you are mixed up.

Abir considers Mishti and does Shayari. He sees Mishti’s pic. Mishti is in overhang and cries. Kunal says I think Abir adores Mishti. Meenakshi slaps him and says never state that again, Abir fights and ignores me, yet he is my child, I believe my child as much as I trust Maa Saraswati, he can never break my trust, I broke the Sitar and offended Maa Saraswati, Maa is rebuffing me by breaking the trust I have towards Abir.

She reviews Abir’s words. She says the reality of the situation was before me, I never saw, you had all my consideration, I overlooked I had another child Abir, I have committed an error. Kunal says no, it’s my deficiency, Abir met her as a result of me, she is controlling Abir, I ought to have broken this collusion previously, I never realized that Abir will have another connection with her.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3 July 2019

Meenakshi says we are not in charge of this, Mishti originates from a wrecked family, she doesn’t esteem a family, I won’t let her break my family, she completed a misstep and she will pay for it. Kunal says I m with you. She says I know Kunal, we need to think smoothly what our following stage ought to be. He gets a call from Kuhu. She says don’t dismiss the call, converse with her.

Mishti searches for Kuhu. She gets Abir’s great night message. She answers I m unfit to rest. He inquires as to why. She asks would I be able to call you. He makes a video call. He says I recognize what you need to talk. She asks how would you realize that my family thinks about Kuhu and Kunal. Kunal asks Kuhu for what valid reason did you lie to family. Kuhu says its extreme for a young lady to get consent to meet a person, they need me to meet Saurav for marriage.

Meenakshi signs him. Kunal asks would you be able to meet me tomorrow if it’s not too much trouble lie for the good of I. Kuhu concurs. Mishti says truth has turned out. Abir says I will ask Kunal, be sure, when love winds up open, acknowledge it. She says that the work of art is behind. Abir says quit snooping around my room. She says don’t make a video call next time. He says no.

She says I called to discuss Kuhu, you are keen on concealing that work of art, you embrace the sketch and rest, you inept painter. She finishes the call. He says your depiction is superior to you, it doesn’t blow up on me. She considers the work of art. Kunal inquires as to for what reason will I meet Kuhu. Meenakshi says she enjoys you, utilize all her Mishti far from Abir, both the young ladies cherish each other a great deal, correct? Kunal says yes. Meenakshi says recall one thing when you meet Kuhu.

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