Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update – I feel Abir loves Mishti

Written Update: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Abir saying I comprehend what you are thinking. Mishti says Kuhu and Kunal would be separated from everyone else. Abir says perhaps they have something to talk. She inquires as to whether there is nothing to talk. He grins and says quietness says a lot, all you should know is to tune in. A taxi wants them. They get in. The driver asks Abir to sit back, the front seat is doused by the downpour. Abir and Mishti leave. Jasmeet asks Rajshri to check the messages. She says what a terrible joke.

Vishwamber answers a call. Meenakshi says Meenakshi here. Rajshri stresses. Meenakshi says you should be cautious, sorry to learn yet you are not ready to control your young ladies. He says our young ladies didn’t do anything incorrectly. Rajshri indicates Kuhu and Kunal’s pic. Meenakshi says they don’t perceive any extraordinary in relations and garments, they are evolving relations, Mishti and Kunal’s coalition didn’t occur, Kuhu is catching Kunal, I don’t acknowledge this.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2 July 2019 Episode

Mishti says Abir we should consider Kuhu and Kunal’s satisfaction. Abir gets some information about your satisfaction. She says I will remain glad when my family remains cheerful. He inquires as to whether somebody’s satisfaction is connected to yours. She says as of now things are confused, your mother will be furious. He says they are a piece of our story. She says a story is getting made, for what reason will we muddle it. He asks will you lose by this dread. She says I trust it will occur as ordained. It begins down-pouring. She moves towards Abir. She keeps her hand on his hand.

Shaurya says Saurav is coming to Rajkot, Kuhu should meet Saurav. Jasmeet says Kuhu is meeting folks nowadays, see this. They see Kuhu and Kunal’s pic. Vishwamber says Kuhu didn’t let us know and met Kunal. Varsha says Kuhu and Mishti guaranteed me that they won’t meet those young men. Jasmeet says I knew this, Kuhu likes Kunal, Mishti’s collusion down and out, Kuhu supposes she gets an opportunity, right Varsha. Shaurya asks Varsha did you know this. Varsha gets quiet. Mishti says I should advise truth to Rajshri, I can’t lie. Abir asks do you know your fact. She says I simply know Kuhu and Kunal’s fact, I can’t lie about them. He asks will you lie to yourself.

He pulls her nearby. They have an eyelock. They achieve home. Abir doesn’t leave her hand. Kunal takes a gander at them. Abir and Mishti get down the vehicle. Abir holds Mishti’s hand. He says you can’t mislead yourself, you need to acknowledge reality. Kunal reviews Shweta’s words. Mishti says I need to return home. Abir leaves her hand. Parul cries and sees Meenakshi and her children’s pic. Nanu comes and asks her not to shroud tears. Mishti says we lied a ton, we should come clean. Kuhu says nobody will chasten you, they will slap me. Mishti says our families have genuine ill will, we will manage it. Kuhu says let something great occur in my life. Mishti asks to what extent will I lie to you. Kuhu says you can’t let them know.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2 July 2019 Episode

Nanu says I comprehend, Meenakshi assumed the responsibility for the family, you have spared the house from breaking, Meenakshi is little girl of this house, what you did is more than the obligation, don’t debilitate up by recollections, make it your quality. He goes. She says he is correct, I can’t fall frail, my hardwork will go futile in the event that I stay silent and see the family breaking.

Mishti and Kuhu come to everybody. Kuhu says let me talk. Vishwamber asks from where are both of you coming. Kuhu says I was unwell. Mishti says we went to a gathering, Kunal’s companion called Kuhu and needed her to get Kunal in the unexpected party. Vishwamber asks in what capacity can Kuhu get Kunal. Mishti says Kuhu is Kunal’s companion. Rajshri asks by what means would this be able to occur. Mishti says they are companions since previously. Vishwamber says families make connections and ruin it as well. He says your relationship closures at this moment. Kuhu cries and says no. Mishti says hear me out once. He says enough.

Abir says I would prefer not to hear you out until you answer me about Shweta. Kunal says I will answer you, yet you need to answer me. Abir inquires as to for what reason did you go to Shweta. Kunal says I didn’t think about Shweta, she deceived Kuhu to contact me, let her play traps, I couldn’t care less, I care about my sibling and family. Abir approaches don’t you have any affections for Shweta, answer me. Rajshri says you both need to hear me out, Chauhan is Vishwamber’s companion, his child Saurav has originated from Australia, Kuhu will meet him.

Varsha says you will meet another person in the event that you don’t care for Saurav, you won’t meet Kunal. Kuhu says we realized you will respond this way, can’t a young lady have her opportunity, I preferred the partnership, Meenakshi broke the collusion, Kunal wanted me, he is my companion, what’s the issue on the off chance that I meet her. They cry. Mishti asks Rajshri not to cry.

Rajshri asks what will I do, Kuhu likes a person whose mum has mortified us and Mishti. Jasmeet says truly, envision what sort of Saas she is. Vishwamber says you may feel awful, we won’t let both of you keep any relationship. Kunal says I had an association with Shweta, its hard to end it, I got feelings for her, I escaped as you needed this. Abir says choices ought to be yours, you are brilliant, you can see, she is a fake, discover somebody who esteems you, esteem them.

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