Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 April 2019 Written Update – Kartik & Naira go Upstairs

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone thinking about how, to tell the truth to Gayu. Puru says but we have to give her the news. Kartik and Naira come home. He says Rama is fine, she got conscious, Akhilesh, Samarth, and Anmol are there. Manish says Gayu was asking for her phone, she will find Vivaan, it’s better you tell her. Kartik and Naira go upstairs. Gayu is sleeping. She dreams Vivaan telling her that he loves her, she has to be strong, promise. Gayu asks why are you saying such. He gets away. She wakes up and stays tensed. Naira asks are you fine.

Gayu asks did Vivaan come, maybe it was a dream, I slept for a while, I was tired, I have seen Vivaan in my dream, he was telling me not to lose courage, it’s strange, maybe since we didn’t speak all day. She says Naira, you have my phone, give me my phone, I will talk to her. Naira hugs her and cries. Gayu asks what happened, Kartik did you fight with her. Kartik asks what did Vivaan tell you, that you have to take care and not lose courage. Gayu asks but what happened, tell me. Gayu shouts Vivaan. Everyone hears her and cries. Kartik comes downstairs.

Naira stays upset. Kartik asks what are you thinking. She says don’t know how is Gayu. He says whatever happened with her is wrong. She says Rama isn’t listening. He says I won’t let her force Gayu. She says yes, I will not let her do this with Gayu, I know the pain of losing the baby. He says we both know this, we will not let this abortion happen. Puru says I love your positive attitude, this helps us in doing something good, never give up, whenever there is a problem in front of you, then you be together and face it.

Everyone comes to having lunch. Manish asks Kartik to work, it will be a loss if he doesn’t see the project. Puru says give him some time, don’t burden Kartik with favors, everyone is capable here, we all know that. He hugs Kartik. Dadi smiles. Kartik says I heard stories how you helped dad and Dadi in building Goenka industries, thanks, you didn’t change in all these years. Puru says I m so proud of you. Ila says the work isn’t urgent. Puru says fine, Kartik Naira goes and meet Gayu. Samarth says I will drop you. Kartik says we will manage. They leave. Samarth says I need to talk to you all about Gayu, please think from the heart, not mind.

Kartik and Naira see Rama outside Gayu’s room. Kartik says don’t do this. Naira says Gayu can’t bear the pain of losing the baby. Rama says you think I don’t want Gayu’s happiness, her future is an imp, I m worried for her, she means everything to me. Naira says if Gayu’s happiness is there in keeping the baby… Rama says this baby will create troubles for her, society will punish Gayu for her mistake, we can save her. Naira says to leave the society, what Gayu thinks is imp. Rama says stop it Naira.

Kartik says this decision will just be of Naira. Naira says yes, the baby is of Gayu and decision should be of her. Rama says fine, you both have to promise me, none should know about our conversation. They nod and see Gayu sleeping in the room. Devyaani says Gayu’s state is bad. Rama says I know, how shall I manage her. Naksh says her wound is deep, our talks won’t help her. Dadi, Samarth, Manish, Akhilesh, and Surekha come. They greet everyone. Kartik says we would have come together if you said.

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