Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 October 2019 Written Update – Why Naira Misses The Hearing?

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 October 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Naira and Kartik preparing and thinking about their words. They state its 10 am, it’s one hour more. Gayu asks Vedika to nourish curd and sugar to Kartik, Dadi said this. Vedika thinks about what to implore. She requests that he have it. He says I m not going to give any test, none can grab my privileges.

She asks will I go along. He says no, it’s among me and Naira, you will be harmed. He goes. She believes what’s the utilization, he has no connection with me. Naira asks Kairav to go with Bhabhimaa. Kairav inquires as to for what reason wouldn’t I be able to accompany you, I will go with father.

They rationalize. Naira asks am I going right. Naksh says Kartik went to court first. Naira solicits them to take care of Kairav. They ask her not to stress. She tumbles down and shouts. They hurry to her. Dadi says to keep the family regard, keep in mind the other individual is right.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 October 2019

Kartik says I know and embraces her. He leaves. Dadi asks. Vedika looks on. Naksh asks would you be able to walk. She says yes. Kairav says go tomorrow. Naira says no, I need to go. Devyaani says I will get meds. Kairav says mum will be fine at this point.

Kairav cries and says call mum, where is she. Devyaani says show me once. Naira says I have come. She thinks about him. Devyaani asks how could you fall. He says I raced to give her telephone and tumbled down. Naksh says we will leave now. He signs Naira. Devyaani requests that Naira go. Kairav asks Naira not to go. Bhabhimaa makes him occupied. Naira goes. Kairav says don’t go if it’s not too much trouble I m in torment.

Naira takes him in lap and embraces. Kartik considers Naira. He sees the sign sheets, stop here, simply state no. Naira says I won’t go, Kairav is crying. Naksh says its devil, in the event that anything incorrectly occurs in court, we as a whole will cry. She says we can disclose to them that Kairav is harmed.

Manish and Kartik chat on the way. He says we need to demonstrate that you likewise have directly on Kairav. Naksh says come, we can’t stay away from the principal date. Kairav says I will call those individuals here. Naira says no, its devil. He says I will call father and request that he come.

Naksh says your father would have gone after his gathering, you go now. Damini sees Kartik and welcomes him. She says Kartik, I trust you read my message, you need to do as I state, it’s my field. He gestures. She says Mr. Kumar, here. kumar asks how are you. She says I m fine, what are you doing here. He says you called me here. She says gracious, I prescribed them to get second best.

He jokes. She asks will you battle the case without the customer, did she come or flee. Kartik says Naira. Manish says don’t get in the middle of, choose first, you have to stand firm for Naira or get Kairav’s guardianship, I have my child, you don’t have him. Kumar says customers will come, there is still time.

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