Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Kairav Gets Happy

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She says I will progress toward becoming Maapaa. He says you can’t turn out to be preferred Maapaa over Paamaa, we will see when the opportunity arrives. FB closes. Naira thinks the opportunity has arrived, I will end up being universes’ best Maapaa. Kairav runs and says I will advise father I m coming to Udaipur, however not presently. Vansh gets some information about dads day work.

Samarth says indeed, yet I have a devil meeting. Kartik says nothing is demon than Vansh, go to his school, I will go to Delhi. Samarth concurs. Liza says Father called and said he has dropped Kairav to class. Naira asks did he drop him inside the school. D’Souza comes there and approaches Tina for his telephone. He says don’t beat me, you both are well known for whipping individuals, I m a poor man, I can’t give my telephone away, get my telephone from your child. Naira asks when did he take your telephone.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 June 2019

D’Souza says he takes my telephone to call his father, I left the telephone here, I didn’t discover it in the greenhouse. Naira says it doesn’t imply that Kairav will have the telephone. He requests that her check it. Kairav requests that auto driver take him to transport stand. He reviews Naira’s words that transport is at the transport stand. Driver inquires as to for what reason would you like to go there. Kairav says to meet father. Driver asks do you have cash. Kairav says I have a lot of cash.

They leave, kairav grins and says father will be so glad to see me, I have made a present for him with the assistance of craftsmanship educator, this is the father and that is me, a frog and a tadpole. Kartik supposes he is as yet angry with me, so he isn’t calling. He signs no to Suwarna. He calls Kairav.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 June 2019

Dadi says don’t be resolved, you have no work there. Vansh says I have no work here, will I don’t remain here, you state anything. Everybody grins. Samarth says Kartik, its time for your flight, you should leave. Akhilesh says call us in the wake of achieving Delhi. Vedika gives the pen drive and power bank to Kartik. She requests that he have a decent outing. He says thanks to her and goes.

The driver says you have come to transport stand, give me cash. Kairav asks how much. The driver says 140rs. Kairav gives him coins and says you check it, its a great deal of cash. The driver says it not by any means 100, you got a misfortune for me. Kairav sees the pic and asks is that your child. The driver says yes. Kairav says take my watch to give him, my mum reveals to me not to pay less cash to anybody, we ought to act naturally regarded.

The driver takes one rupee coin and says I have taken my passage, you take it for your confidence, go now. Kairav says thanks to him. Driver favors him. Kartik says deal with Vansh. Suwarna gestures. Kartik gets in the vehicle and says don’t have the foggiest idea where is the tadpole. Kairav says I m not terrified, I m bold, I need to astonish Tina, full breath, hang on.

He reviews Naira’s words, that ticket counter person or conductor gives us the ticket, not for nothing, we need to pay for the ticket. Kairav goes to the ticket counter. Kartik sees Goa celebration promotions. He hears Bombay to Goa motion picture melody. He says what’s this, for what reason is everybody discussing Goa today, similar to the universe is attempting to offer me some hint. He hears a kid wishing his father. He calls Kairav and says tadpole isn’t replying.

Kairav requests transport ticket and gets it. Ticket falls. Kairav pays cash and gets a ticket. Naira says I m apprehensive. Father and Liza ask her not to be anxious. Naira says I will never let Kairav get injured, I will battle and win. She says I need to see Kairav. Kairav says I will tell father now. He gets a telephone from the pack and checks missed calls. Kartik says there is much traffic, I will pass by walk, you take a u-turn.

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