Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 September 2019 Episode Written Update: Fight End B/W Naira & Vedika

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vedika leaving. Kartik and Naira wake up and see one another. They attempt to get up and fall back. Naira escapes. She thinks about Vedika’s words. Everybody implores. Suwarna gets Kairav as Ganpati. Vansh says I would progress toward becoming Ganpati, I at that point made Kairav Ganpati. Kairav says Vansh has made the content of the play.

Everybody applauds. Kartik says I m pleased with you Vansh. Dadi says we will do Visarjan in the garden. Everybody moves. Vedika comes and asks Naira is she doing this purposefully. Naira says you are a misconception, hear me out once. Vedika says I m exhausted now, Kairav said his mum and father will do aarti, you will finish Jhanki, I didn’t utter a word, is this enough, will I say more, when he weeps for you, you didn’t come, when he proceeded onward, you

come back with his kid, on my marriage day. you didn’t give me a chance to bond with him, you got back home and afterward room, Kartik wedded me with his desire, he guaranteed that he would keep me cheerful, you came in the middle. Naira says you don’t see my circumstance, you think I made this circumstance intentionally, nobody welcomes issues, you need to manage it, what might I be able to do, specialists said Kairav will recoup soon on the off chance that he remains here, everybody needed this, everybody adores him, in what manner will I grab them.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 September 2019

Vedika says its wrong to make Kairav progressively connected to them. Naira says it’s wrong. Vedika says now Kairav is fine, his reports are fine, what are you doing here. Naira says it’s extreme to state this, sorry to learn, you don’t have a tyke yet. Vedika says you have a kid with the goal that you are doing this. Naira says I didn’t get him here previously, destiny did this, my circumstance is more regrettable as I have a tyke. Vedika says quit utilizing him as a shield. Naira says please quit intuition him as my reason.

Kartik hits the dance floor with Vansh and Kairav. Vedika says I m mentioning you if you don’t mind leaving. Naira says I m likewise mentioning, quit misconception me. Vedika says I would prefer not to get it. Naira says it is difficult to leave. Vedika says it would be simpler for you than leaving previously, you left family once. Naira says just I can comprehend my torment, I would have done anything in the event that it was about me, different relations will be deficient on the off chance that I leave abruptly, at any rate, consider Kartik.

Vedika asks did you think, he is being harmed as a result of you, you don’t allow he to wounds recuperate, you are doing this, our connection isn’t framing as a result of you, wouldn’t you be able to see this. Naira asks what do you mean. Vedika says everybody knows in which circumstance you remained in Goa, you couldn’t return as you passed by your desire, when you have seen Suwarna and Kartik supporting you, you changed personality, you would prefer not to go.

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