Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 January 2020 Episode Written Update

The Episode begins with Naira and Kairav kidding on Kartik for his sluggish state. Kartik feels a lot of tiredness. Kairav supplicates that his instructor doesn’t whine. Naira says he is frightened. Manish says Lav and Kush are lying as they have no vitality. Samarth says will we plan a family cookout. Lav and Kush state no, we will have mud biking. Manish says I will likewise do it, I have kept the adolescent in me alive, I m prepared for this. He snickers. Dadi says Manish has gone insane. Kartik and Naira get back home with Kairav.

Suwarna asks what occurred. Gayu asks was the PTM acceptable. Kartik says Kairav. Kairav hops we are kidding. Kartik and Naira state you ruined the good times. Kartik says we thought to trick all of you by saying that the educator whined a great deal about him. Naira says Kairav got the title of the best-acted child. Kartik says credit goes to Naira. Dadi favors them. Check Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 January 2020.

Naira says all of you get the credit that we are acceptable. Dadi says remain upbeat. Gayu says Vansh got a similar honor a year ago. Naira says Kairav went on Vansh. Dadi says Kairav went on Goenkas, Manish, Akhilesh, and Kartik were likewise lauded in the school. Kairav requests a bicycle ride. Lav and Kush state we will go in the night. Kartik asks Naira not to stress. Dadi requests that Naira make Kairav’s fav nourishment. Lav and Kush go out. Kartik and Naira move and make cupcakes for Kairav.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 January 2020

Dadi says the two of them are kiddish. Manish says it’s great, overlook every one of the strains now. Vansh and Kairav search for Lav and Kush. Kairav sees the smoke and says fire…. He proceeds to see Lav and Kush. He asks what are you doing here. He hacks. Lav and Kush fool him. Lav asks Kairav to guarantee and not advise anything to Naira. Kairav concurs. Lav gives him a chocolate. Kairav goes. Lav says Kairav is our fan, he won’t state. Naira asks Vansh to call everybody.

Naira gets some smell from Kairav. Kartik comes and kisses Naira. She says I got smell from cigarettes from Kairav’s garments. Kartik asks what, it’s unrealistic, nobody smokes in our home. House cleaner says I got this bundle in clothing garments. Kartik checks the cigarette pack. He asks in whose garments did you discover it. She says Lav’s garments. Kartik and Naira come to Lav and Kush. Naira asks do you both smoke. Everybody looks on. Surekha inquires as to for what reason are you saying as much. Naira says the two of them smoke. Kartik requests that they answer. They state no chance. Naira says don’t lie.

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