Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 April 2019 Written Update – Mansi Threatens Puru Uncle

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Puru asking Naira not to inform Ila regarding it, Ila will be devastated, little girls are a type of Goddess, Lord doesn’t favor if the little girls’ hearts break in the house, I could have declined to you, however I m not a misrepresentation man, I m a businessperson and such traps are to be done now and then. He turns and sees Ila with everybody. Ila runs and embraces Puru. Puru asks did the gathering get over. Ila says no, we will commend, it simply ceased for some time, I adore you to such an extent. She embraces him.

He says I cherish you as well, is something incorrectly. She says nothing incorrectly, whatever you have accomplished for me, I m extremely appreciative for that, somebody associated mic accidentally, I heard you. He says God help us. Kartik asks what’s going on. Naira says I don’t have the foggiest idea, he changed the entire thing, how could he learn our arrangement. She sees Ila. Ila asks Dadi will she ask Naira what issue she has with her father. She reprimands Naira. Manish and Akhilesh request that he overlook this now and desire the gathering. Everybody goes. Puru demonstrates the covert agent mic and chuckles.

Naira gets stunned. She checks her watch. Naksh says we present to you the stunning Gayu and dashing Samarth. Everybody wears the veil once more. Puru takes a veil he says you needed my cover to be off, right Naira, presently look, I have another cover on me, what will you do now. Samarth and Gayu move on Ek Ladki ko Dekha to. Everybody moves. Puru comes and contacts Naira. She dismisses and he goes. She gets out Kartik and asks is that you. Kartik comes and says you don’t should be frightened when I m here, we won’t lose, accomplished something occurs, let me know. She says perhaps Puru is doing this to startle me.

He says I m exceptionally furious, I will uncover him tomorrow, else I will do what I feel is correct, I swear. She comes to the room. He composes sorry with candles. He says I couldn’t recognize Puru, something wasn’t right with me, my sister and you didn’t confide in me, I ought to have seen the dread in your eyes. She embraces him. He says sorry, I can’t support Mansi, I will apologize to her. She says no, there are appalling individuals like Puru on the planet, and kind individuals as you, don’t feel regretful else I will begin feeling remorseful.

Its morning, Ila comes to Puru. He says its haldi. She says I thought its at night. He says Surekha said it’s toward the beginning of the day, proceed to prepare. She goes. He gets a call. He hears a sound and goes to see. He sees Mansi and Anmol contending. Anmol says the issue is with you, not him. She says you are accusing me, you are a man as well, Puru has manhandled me and you are harming me inwardly. He says shut up, you constantly accuse others, you stick to your companions. She asks how could you say this to me. He asks how could you say this regarding Puru, don’t anticipate anything from me, you have lost your psyche. Puru says I adore this, in this general public, the young lady is constantly accused, the men leave effortlessly, great. He goes.

Kartik and Naira look on. He says no, just awful things will transpire now, we will get you rebuffed. Naira says its so out of line. Anmol says we will clarify everybody, the blameworthy ought to be rebuffed. Naira says thanks to Mansi and Anmol for their help. Mansi says I m very little terrified as previously. Kartik says lets get ready for stage two, this will uncover his fact. Everybody seeks haldi. Surekha asks Samarth to get haldi connected soon. Manish asks Dadi what occurred, are you not feeling unwell. Samarth says you can’t get worn out, you need to move in my wedding. Dadi says I get apprehensive reasoning of the work, I m stressed for Gayu, there shouldn’t be any contention with Gayu. Manish says there is no reason to worry. Akhilesh asks Puru did you check the message. Puru says indeed, I welcomed the clergyman in the marriage, I have completed a great deal of work for him, presently he will support me, you should keep up relations with powerful individuals, it helps in business.

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