Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Naira Falls Down

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

She says its stomach, the shopping name is Tina cakes, you can let me know whether you need more, there is much assortment. He goes to the slow down and grins. He sees Liza there. Liza signs to ask what. He signs about the donut. Kartik says for what reason do I feel Naira was near.

He turns and sees Dadi. Naira says I thought of gathering him before Kairav comes. Liza says Kairav will be here with me, proceed to meet him, there is an attractive man at next slow down, possibly your BF ought to resemble him, will I demonstrate to him, you have to overlook the past and proceed onward. Naira says you realize how was my past. Liza requests that her state. Naira says you enlighten me regarding the mystery man in your life.

Liza says I can’t let you know. Naira says then don’t address me. Liza jokes. She says simply observe that man, reasonable, attractive, rabbit’s teeth and dimples close to his jaw, uncommon however so charming, leave it. Naira goes to see. She considers Kartik. She supposes no, this can’t be Kartik, I better control my sentiments and spotlight on my work.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 July 2019 Episode

Kartik cries. Dadi says Naira didn’t make this, I heard Vedika, I m tired of clarifying you, each Tina isn’t Naira, she is no more. He says I go to the office, remain glad and grin with others. She says Naira’s recollections have limited you. He says I didn’t see Vedika in that manner. She says she adores you a great deal. He says I will dependably adore Naira. Daid says she is dead. He says she is alive in my heart, Vedika is my obligation, I will satisfy my obligation however I can’t give her Naira’s place in my heart and life.

They see Vedika. Vedika goes. Father brings Kairav. Naira says now he will inquire as to whether I met his father. Liza says reveal to him he is occupied. Kairav embraces Naira and asks where is father, did you meet him, did he help you. Naira says you should be ravenous, what will you eat. Kairav says I will eat what father eats. Liza says he went to meet his manager. Naira says he will come in night. Kairav says request that he come here in night.

Liza says come and play computer games with me. They go. Naira says sorry, you have a family and you are living alone. Kartik doesn’t see Naira. Kairav bounces. Dadi asks are you fine. He yells for assistance. He says you are a hoodlum, you take kids, you will take me and offer me to terrible individuals. Dadi asks do you think I m a criminal. He says you will sell me and make me a bum. He yells for assistance.

He says this aunt is taking me. Dadi says its not at all like that. Vedika says you haven’t given me my place in your life, I like you yet I m not psycho to get you, I won’t most likely bear it on the off chance that you remain hurt, we can progress toward becoming companions to talk like typical individuals with the goal that we can share our sentiments, I would prefer not to turn into your duty, I know Naira’s place in your life, it’s not possible for anyone to supplant love, kinship is the best. He says, companions.

Kairav says hoodlums don’t look like criminals. Dadi says your mum has put wrong things in his psyche, I have a place with a not too bad family. The women insult and joke on her fashioner saree and phony gems. Dadi says my gems isn’t phony. Kairav says to call the police. Dadi reprimands him. He says she is hollering at me, help, I will bring my mum, she will beat you. Dadi says he looks honest, he is devious. He goes to call Naira. Dadi yells Kittu come soon. Kartik comes.

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