Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Kartik & Naira Dance Happily

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kartik informing Naira to share in the event that she has thought of something, Akhilesh was feeling regretful, he was stressed. Naira composes, Liza is enthusiastic and may accomplish something. Vedika comes. Kartik asks when did you come. Vedika says when this tea was hot, I will get some tea. He says it’s fine.

She requests that he share what occurred. He answers if it’s not too much trouble clarify her. Vedika says my heart isn’t concurring, let me know, what’s the issue. Kartik says you are overthinking. Naira composes. I m attempting. Vedika asks him once more, saying we are companions. He says there is nothing, trust me. He answers I m stressed for Surekha.

She asks will you come to get Ganpati. She peruses Naira’s message, I wish days of yore return once more. Kartik composes… we will talk later, I have to proceed to get Ganpati. Naira cries considering an old minute and implores. Vansh says don’t act brilliant, you moved toward becoming Krishna. Kairav says I m adorable like Ganpati. They contend. Naira comes there and sees them. She says Ganpati symbol is coming, you don’t need to move toward becoming Ganpati, you can turn into his fav, think.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 September 2019

They sign no. She says Mushak, it means mouse. Vansh says two of us. She says yes. She says I will demonstrate to you. She prepares them in mouse animation. She requests that they come to quick and welcome Ganpati. Kartik and Vedika get Ganpati. Everybody applauds kids. Kairav and Vansh move. Kartik sees Akhilesh. Naira records the move.

Kartik and Naira move a similar way. Vedika looks on. Kairav requests that Naira come. Everybody supplicates. Dadi acclaims Vedika. Pandit says we can see the symbol and Jhanki everybody, Ganpati will be upbeat seeing these Mushak. Kairav says it was my mum’s thought, she is the best, right father. Kartik gestures. Dadi says truly, Naira used to praise celebrations so well.

Vansh asks pandit when will we see Ganpati face. Pandit says I will play shank, you get the chunri off. They see the icon. Kairav asks Vedika did she get Ganpati from the shop, for what reason didn’t Naira make the symbol like each year. She says you aren’t doing any celebration well, I don’t care for this. Kartik requests that Naira make a little icon for Kairav’s satisfaction.

Manish says indeed, do this for the wellbeing of him. Dadi says yes. Naira says fine, I will make it by mud. Kartik says smart thought, let me know whether you need assistance. Vedika looks on. Naira makes the symbol. Kairav says he looks charming. Pandit says you have made this icon, you place it here. Naira and Kartik place the symbol. Vedika stresses. Suwarna requests that Kartik and children start aarti first. Everybody do the aarti individually. Kairav checks Liza’s message on Naira’s telephone.

Vansh understands it. Akhilesh stresses and goes. Kairav says Liza would give me a shock, I will amaze her. He goes to Liza and requests that she come and meet Ganpati. Liza cries. He hauls her inside. Everybody sees Liza. Kairav says she informed that she is outside, I got her here. Liza starts crying. Dadi asks what occurred.

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