Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 October 2019 Written Update – Why Damini Insults Naira?

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 October 2019 Written Update on

Kumar says Kartik has the obligation of his better half, Naira has no duty, other than Kairav, she ought to get his care, its straightforward situation. Damini says Kumar has the right to safeguard his customer, yet he can’t show the court, bad form shouldn’t occur with Kairav. The attorney says possibly Damini got something from an earlier time.

Damini says the inquiry is whether Naira is a decent mum or not, her whole family respects her a quitter, when any issue comes, she flees. Kumar says protest, that issue isn’t identified with this, Damini says the court needs to know Naira’s character, Naira is flippant, I need to call Naira in the observer box.

Damini says you were separated from everyone else during the whole pregnancy, you went to medical clinic alone, you were in the process of giving birth torment for 17 hours, none knew whether the child will endure, the infant was feeble and underweight, he must be kept in hatchery for a long time, right, let me know, is this valid or not.

Naira reviews and says you said genuine, my companion Liza, my landowners Pintu and family, church father were with me at the hour of conveyance. Damini asks who was with you from your family, when you had a very adoring spouse, for what reason didn’t you call him when your and your kid’s lives were in hazard.

Naira called Kartik. She says I had called Kartik, however, I couldn’t get past. Damini asks do you have any verification. She says Naira remained in labor for 17 hours, she had her sense of self and didn’t call her better half. Kumar brings up criticism.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 October 2019

Damini says regardless of whether I consent to Naira, for what reason didn’t she call her significant other once more, she had an issue with him, was the issue there with the whole family, did she contact anybody from her Maayka or Sasural, consider the possibility that anything occurred there.

Kumar says therapeutic experts were there, she didn’t go out on a limb. Damini says she went out on a limb, realizing she had issues in her first pregnancy, she had left from the family in her first trimester, her aims were awful, she demonstrated everybody that she is dead. Naira cries and sees Kartik.

Damini requests that her answer is this valid. Naira says sorry, I didn’t tune in. Damini says you don’t tune in or concur when the issue has arrived at the court, I need to bring reality out, just Naira can reply about it. Vedika gets back home and sees the man following.

She surges inside the house. She asks to protect not to give anybody a chance to come in until everybody originates from the court. She says I m resting, none ought to upset me. Gatekeeper says fine, yet what occurred. She says nothing. The man leaves. She remains frightened.

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