Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 May 2019 Written Update – Kartik Feels Insulted

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kartik and Naira posturing for pics. The host Gaurav invites everybody in the capacity. He asks Mihir to come on the stage. Dadi says Manish, for what reason did they call Mihir in front of an audience. Manish says he is a well known originator. The man says Naira is commended all over the place. Manish expresses profound gratitude, she merits it. Gaurav discusses a youthful architect, who made a better place very soon, illustrious families have contracted the creator, that is Naira Goenka.

Kartik gets up and looks on stunned. He sits back. Everybody looks on stunned. The correspondents acclaim Naira for the stunning souk. Kartik applauds Naira. Mihir uncovers the shade. Everybody sees Naira’s enormous blurb. Manish says Naira is our bahu, we ought to be glad for her as we would be upbeat for Kartik. He applauds Naira. Kartik signs Naira to go. She won’t. The woman says Mihir has called you. Dadi gets annoyed. Naira goes in front of an audience.

Gaurav says Naira will be on coverpage this year, we are pleased with her, she has accomplished a great deal and got the regard for us. Everybody applauds. She asks Mihir what’s going on, this respect was for Kartik. Mihir says no, who revealed to you its for Kartik, this magazine is for our organization so we will advance our image, Kartik isn’t an architect, yet a representative, I think you have a misconception, for what reason will we advance him. She supposes such an unfortunate mix-up. Naira cries and thinks about Kartik’s words.

She says whatever and wherever I m, this is a result of Kartik, he is a decent spouse, great guide, companion and life accomplice in genuine sense, he constantly upheld and confided in my ability, I m getting this respect, however the reason is Kartik, he has made me an originator. She requests that Kartik please organize, she can’t get the respect without him. Everybody applauds. Naira and Kartik get the respect. Mihir requests that Naira sign the primary duplicate of the magazine. Kartik requests that her go. She signs the duplicates. The man lauds her plans. The woman requests that Kartik sit. Kartik signs Naira and gets down the stage.

Devyaani asks Lacchi where did she go. Lacchi says I had gone to washroom, I was calling you, I was lost in this enormous spot. Devyaani says don’t lie. Lacchi says I m not lying, you can check my telephone. Devyaani says no need, don’t go anyplace without telling anybody, let me know whether you need anything, come. Dadi sees Kartik and Naira. Naira hurries to Kartik and embraces him. Everybody grins.

She says its my misstep. He says no, its a misconception. Manish says he is correct. Akhilesh says we expected that its for Kartik, he isn’t a fashioner. Samarth says its regarding perplexity. Naira says I didn’t successfully get this respect, Kartik had worked a great deal. Gayu says he is a representative and you are an originator enlisted by Mihir. Kartik says its basic business, yet you merit this honor, we are glad for you. Manish says we are feeling glad. Naira sees Dadi irritated.

The woman says Mihir has called you. Manish says you ought to go. Samarth says PR is additionally a motivation, you ought to go. Naira goes. Kartik says I m feeling parched, I will simply come. He goes out. Dadi sees Suwarna. The men converse with Mihir about Naira. The man says Naira was offering credit to her significant other. The man says possibly so his sense of self doesn’t get injured, Mihir will assume her to right position of accomplishment, she can’t advance with her better half. Kartik hears them and leaves.

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