Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 May 2019 Written Update – Success Story of Kartik And Naira

Written Update: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kartik saying I have given the correct counsel to Naira, I couldn’t care less what others think. Naira asks Kartik did he go to clean his face. He says no, to clean my brain, will we eat more mangos. Two men come and state we are from media magazine, we are including new age business visionary, its critical, prepare, at that point, I will tell everything, we need to highlight all of you and furthermore the diamonds structures, we need to feature Goenkas’ new age. Naira says wow Kartik.

Everybody grins. Dadi says we will proceed to prepare. Kartik says I will wear any easygoing garments. Naira says it does matters. Kartik prepares. Naira averts his terrible sight and says see you look so attractive in my decision. He says you look executioner in the dress picked by me. Dadi says call Kartik first, I m feeling so pleased with him, he will take our name ahead, let his magazine pic come and afterward observe. Kartik says my woman karma is with me, you are behind my prosperity. Naira says I just gave you thoughts, its everything your diligent work. They clasp hands and come to the ground floor. Everybody grins and compliments. They present for a family pic.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 May 2019

Kartik and Naira get their pics clicked. Kartik escapes for Naira’s performance pics. Surekha says why they are taking Naira’s performance shots. Dadi says in light of the fact that she is Kartik’s significant other, the spouse gets the credit of husband’s prosperity. Kartik represents solo pics. Dadi says see, presently they are taking Kartik’s performance pics. Kartik says I have much time, you can take more pics. The man says no, we got what we needed. Surekha says they took numerous pics of Naira. Dadi says Kartik looks attractive anyway. The man says you will get the pics on spread page in the event that you win and get the respect, you will get formal welcome.

Kartik asks Naira not to make him discourse practice, it’s exhausting. Naira says you needn’t bother with this, you can address anybody. She jokes. Mihir says we need her to advance her image, ensure that illustrious wedding and brand gets featured. The man concurs. Kartik applauds Naira and says you should give this discourse. She says you aren’t not kidding, not great. He says I will quit fooling around when required. They grin. Dadi and Suwarna look on and grin. Mihir says I can’t get my pic on coverage as I m accomplice in this magazine, Naira’s Maayka and Sasural manage diamonds business, Naira got work from our organization and we should profit as well, it’s our first regal wedding venture.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 May 2019

Dadi says I was greatly stressed, however, Kartik got the accomplishment after a prolonged stretch of time. Mihir says Mitali, you will be upbeat, we will go on vacation once I accomplish my objective, I m doing everything with a system. Its morning, everybody grins seeing Kartik and Naira. Manish says you both are an ideal couple. Dadi says its a major day, consider distinctive dressing. Samarth says they are winning at this point. Suwarna says they are equivalent in all things. Mihir requests that the man keep Goenkas’ seat in the first column.

He says I trust Naira arranged a decent discourse for our organization, request that the journalists ask Naira, our image ought to get advanced. Kartik and Naira accompany their family. Mihir looks on. He says my enormous plan is to advance my image. Manish and everybody see their seating courses of action. Manish says it’s fine with us, its only one line behind. Mihir says my work is demon and your work is devil as well, center around the case, fare thee well. Singhanias come. Naira takes Krish in arms. Lachi glances around. Dadi says it’s a similar young lady, for what reason did you get her here, she won’t comprehend anything here.

Devyaani says I have made Kartik’s fav halwa, when he gets the grant, ask Naksh to get it, we will feed it to everybody. Naira gestures. She sees Mihir. Kartik comes. She says we will proceed to meet Mihir. Mihir says I m beyond any doubt its simple to deal with Jadejas, Scindias are fussy, I m accomplice of this magazine. Kartik says indeed, I didn’t know this. The capacity starts. Naira says I m so glad for you. He says you are the best spouse. He sees her lipstick smirch and cleans it. She drops something. The two of them go under the table and pick the lipstick. They review the old minute.

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