Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update

She remains before them. Dadi comes there and sees Aman turning. She runs and switches off the lights. Parveen gets terrified to see Aman behind. Aman takes off. The lights return. Parveen welcomes visitors. She compliments Ada. Ada’s father asks where is Aman.

Dadi says all of you have come, Ada you look lovely. Ada’s mum asks where did Aman go, he was here a little while ago. Parveen swoons. Dadi says Parveen is unwell, would we be able to keep this rasam tomorrow first thing. Ada’s mum gestures. Parveen goes to Aman’s room and gets him out.

He tosses an organizer at her. She curves down and gets spared. She runs out. She sees Aman in front. Aman strikes Parveen and Phupi. They fall away and get injured. He lifts the cooler to toss at them. Dadi shoots him with bolts. Aman transforms into an ordinary man.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update

He starts seeping by the bolts shot. Parveen and Phupi get stunned. They sob for him. Dadi cries. Aman says Ammi, and tumbles down. Everybody rushes to him. They all hold him and cry. He swoons. Roshni goes. Her mum requests that her drive well and not get a scratch on the vehicle. Roshni drives the vehicle.

Aman leaves his vehicle and gets down. A jinn pursues Aman. Roshni curves to take the water bottle. Aman is going to step on the Jinn shadow. Roshni hits his vehicle. Aman stops and sees her. He returns. Roshni envisions her mum selling the bangle. Roshni comes in the middle of Aman and the Jinn shadow.

She steps on the shadow and it vanishes. She asks is this your vehicle. Aman says yes. Roshni reproves him for his one error. He says my vehicle was left. She contends with him. She asks do you need pay. He asks do you keep money with you. She says its 5 kg desserts. He says I don’t need this, you are a spoilt whelp.

He asks her also his father’s name. She says why, fathers consistently ruin their children, you will go crying to your father and gripe about the messed-up vehicle. She proceeds to state my vehicle flies, it doesn’t simply run. Aman contacts her vehicle. The vehicle flies and falls before her. She gets stunned.

She cries. Aman goes to the Dargah to implore. Roshni additionally comes there crying. He turns and sees her. She takes a gander at him. 12 o’clock arrives. Everybody gets stunned. The clock stops. Parveen says you were correct, Jinn returns to recover his support, this is the first indication of his coming.

Dadi says he has three indications of appearance. The breeze blows at the Dargah. Jinn is coming. The spot starts to fold. Aman and Roshni get stunned. Individuals start running. Roshni sees a young man crying. She races to spare him. Dadi, Parveen, and auntie rushed to check the entryway for the subsequent sign. They see the water solidifying in the pool.

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