Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

  • Created by: Ekta Kapoor
  • Based on: Custody by Manju Kapur
  • Written: Sonali Jaffar, Ritu Bhatia, Ritu Goel
  • Directed: Ranjan Kumar Singh
  • The creative director(s): Sandip Sikcand
  • Starring: Divyanka Tripathi, Karan Patel

Ruhi says Raman has rested. Yug says I will call and think about the specialist. He calls for Dr. Mishra and says Natasha isn’t fine, I have to talk. The woman says I can’t give his number. He yells and finishes the call. Karan says I will go as another patient, you can keep him occupied and I will get Natasha’s document. Ruhi inquires as to whether you get captured.

Karan says once we demonstrate Natasha is glad, a specialist won’t whine about us. Aaliya says Ishita is now in stress, we must be cautious. Yug says we will realize who is helping her. Ishita comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks will we take Raman to another specialist. Natasha comes and asks what befell my Shardul, he is my better half, none can stop me. She yells Shardul.

Simmi stops her and chastens. Raman comes and asks what’s going on, stop it. Natasha says Shardul, I heard you are unwell, I battled them to meet you, I can do anything for you. Raman approaches would you be able to do anything for me, my head is hurting a great deal, Ishita gave me a tablet, would you be able to knead my head.

Simmi asks what are you saying. Natasha says indeed, stay here. She kneads his head. He says your hands have enchantment, my cerebral pain got over, much obliged. She says you loved back rub a great deal. Ishita requests that she leave. Raman likewise requests that she leave. Natasha requests that he fare thee well. She goes. She calls Arijit and says I realize he isn’t Raman Bhalla, he is Shardul, he will return to me soon.

Simmi asks Raman will I give head knead. Mrs. Bhalla says I will rub his neck. Raman asks Ishita to state something. Ishita says I m not irritated with him. They grin. Arijit asks how might you be sure. Natasha says I m a lady, my intuition is solid, I gave him a head rub, he responded a similar way, I distinguished his touch. Raman says Ishita and I have arranged that I will persuade Natasha that I m Shardul, I m here for cash.

Ishita says yes. Raman says I was blowing up, I need to realize who is helping Natasha. Simmi inquires as to whether your falsehood is gotten. Ishita says Raman lost his memory brief, we will attempt to persuade Natasha, she will attempt to remind her old things, at that point we will think about Natasha and Sunil, we can attempt. Raman calls her brilliant.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

Natasha says I will uncover Bhallas, how they have entranced and kept Shardul, for what reason is Shardul there. Arijit says that is great. She gets tea. She says just once, we have Shardul with us, I will open the storage, I couldn’t care less for him. Karan goes to the emergency clinic and takes Dr. Mishra’s arrangement. He says I feel fretful, send me first when he comes. The attendant says he goes ahead time, don’t stress, hang tight for quite a while. He requests washroom. He proceeds to call Yug. Yug says I m holding up outside.

Simmi asks is this bundle fine. Raman asks do I look great, is this pixie. Ishita inquires as to why. Ishita says you will proceed to express gratitude toward Natasha, to demonstrate you are keen on her. He inquires as to whether she compels me. Simmi chuckles and says you said you can dazzle anybody. He says indeed, yet I m terrified of that lady. Ishita says in the event that she asks you, how you went to Bhallas. He says I will educate her concerning mishap and meeting Bhallas, I didn’t recall that anything, I heard the specialist about brief amnesia, I understood Raman is a rich man and made arrangement to get his properties and come to you.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

He says I may get captured. Ishita says its ideal, you are doing this for family, we are supporting you for your bliss. Simmi says we as a whole are with you, go, all the best. He goes. Karan asks when will specialist come. The woman says the specialist called and said he won’t desire seven days, he has a family crisis. Karan says reach me when he comes, note down my number.

He goes. Yug says it’s odd, by what means would this be able to occur, somebody isn’t giving us a chance to meet the specialist, somebody is watching out for us. Karan says I feel the equivalent, we will leave, I got Ruhi’s calls. Raman comes to meet Natasha. Sunil requests that he come. Natasha requests that he leave.

She says you said you aren’t Shardul, it would be ideal if you leave. Raman stresses and goes. He says for what reason did she carry on such, its wrong. He gets Natasha’s message‚Ķ sorry, I carried on, for example, Sunil was there, gives meet during the evening, a chance to save my number. He figures I don’t have a clue on the off chance that I will find that man who needs to hurt my family.

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