Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 May 2019 Written Update – Aaliya Accepts Yug

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Yug crying and considering Aaliya. He packs his sack. Ruhi comes to call him. He says I can’t confront Aaliya, I won’t come. She says simply please. Ishita says specialist said Aaliya and Yug should talk and deal with. Yug goes to Aaliya. She goes to cut him with the scissors and stops. She cries. He says I merit this, you have experienced a great deal, trust me, I didn’t come to hurt you, it was my error to imagine as Adi, my affection is valid, I adore you more than Adi did, Adi left you for another person, I will never abandon you.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 May 2019

She drops the scissors and says even Adi said this, it was every one of the an untruth. He says I m not lying, life is extremely delightful, in the event that you need to be with Rohan and not me, do it, I simply need you to be glad. She says imagine a scenario in which I state I need to be with you. He says then I will be most fortunate man of this world. They embrace and cry. Everybody grins. Yug says I realize you are furious, trust me, I will never hurt Aaliya, I will go out and family in the event that you state. Ishita goes out. She gets injured. Yug hurries to her and asks what occurred, you ought to have been cautious, you never deal with yourself, don’t be rushed.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 May 2019

Ishita sees him and thinks about Adi’s consideration. FB demonstrates Adi thinking about Ishita. Yug says please fare thee well, sorry. She says I feel better, you helped me to remember Adi, I truly feel that you are our Adi. Aaliya expresses gratitude toward Ishita. Sahil looks on and says so they are cheerful now, I won’t let this occur, one of them slaughtered Muskaan, I won’t let them live in harmony until they acknowledge their wrongdoing. Ishita gets his call and comes up with a rationalization. Sahil irately asks Ishita to get the case when Shamshad meets her. He says praise your last satisfaction with family. She asks what do you mean by that.

The call closes. Raman asks what’s the issue. She lies about the patient. He says I need to thank you for tolerating Yug, Aaliya additionally realizes he isn’t Adi, he made a spot in our family. She says nothing is more demon to me than the family’s joy. He says I know. She supposes I can’t deceive him more. She asks may I reveal to you something. He asks what occurred. Sahil messages her, that he is watching her. She says I adore you, you are the best thing that transpired. Raman says please, gives up. They leave. Check Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8 May 2019 epi.

Rohan reviews Ishita’s slap. Somebody calls him and requests that he toss the powder, else he will be in peril. Rohan asks what. He checks the powder. He says I went to tell about his powder, however, Bhallas didn’t allow me to talk, I need to tell Ishita, she can fall stuck in an unfortunate situation. He calls Ishita. She sees Raman resting. She goes to washroom and answers call. He says I m actually quite heartbroken, would you be able to come ground floor, I m remaining in intensify, the powder is unsafe, I need to examine. She goes to him and says I would prefer not to talk about Aaliya, Aaliya and Yug cherish one another, its alright for me, what would you like to tell about powder.

He says its hazardous, we will talk about the issue with the police. She says we can’t go to the police, my entire family will be in threat. Raman comes and inquires as to why. Karan gets fretful. He says sorry Rohan, you were extremely infatuated with Aaliya, I played with your feelings, I feel remorseful. He goes to Rohan’s room and says I realize you are furious on me, yells on me, yet state something. He switches on lights and doesn’t see him. He gets some information about Rohan. Hireling says I didn’t see him.

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