Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – I Will Take my Son Today

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

Sahil says I will get my child and cause you to talk, by what means will you Raman and Ishita that all of you will bite the dust, I will take my child and leave. Karan says I continue recalling the day when I lost Rohan, don’t have the foggiest idea what will Sahil do with Raman to Ishita. Ruhi says quietly down, we have no choice, things will get fine, come we will go out, the mind will get diverted.

Mihika says I don’t trust Sahil. Mani says magistrate said we should stick to guidelines. Pandit comes and says Mrs. Bhalla called me. Mrs. Bhalla approaches Mihika to eat for pandit ji. Mihika approaches her to converse with her for some time. Mrs. Bhalla says I m beyond any doubt Raman and Ishita will get Shaina home, I called the pandit to keep a puja and petition God for Shaina’s child. Mihika grins.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 June 2019

Yug says we ought to be with Raman and Ishita. Karan says I concur, on the off chance that anything occurs, we will accuse ourselves, Sahil can do anything. Ruhi says you did well, you are so great, I m so pleasedly with you. Yug says please released me there. Mani says fine, you folks go, be cautious, update me as often as possible. Karan and Yug leave. Sahil shoots. Controller conceals for Raman. Sahil says I shot to see the police, I will shoot Shaina, hold the firearms down. He contends with the monitor.

Ishita says please go from here. Police leaves. Sahil says you can’t prevail upon us, don’t attempt to act brilliant, I need to see my child. Ishita asks Samar to come, Sahil is making a showing with a phony firearm. Sahil and Shaina see Samar. Sahil says, my child, and kisses him. He embraces Samar. He says you are my child, you seem as though me. Samar asks are you, my father. Sahil says yes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25 June 2019

Samar inquires as to for what reason did you leave me at the halfway house, for what reason didn’t you come to take me, Mannu revealed to me that I don’t have my folks. Sahil says no, your mum has sent you there, I will be with you now, we will go a long way from here, accompany me.

Police return to capture Sahil. Sahil says you have returned once more, I m not a major trick. He expels Shaina’s shawl and demonstrates the bomb. Everybody gets stunned. Sahil compromises them and reminds how he exploded Rohan. He says Ishita, call magistrate and guide him to release me from the air terminal. Ishita calls official and says Sahil needs to escape with Samar. Shaina asks Sahil to leave Samar. Ishita asks Shaina not to ask Sahil. She says we know Sahil well so we have come arranged.

Raman asks Sahil to open his child’s coat once. Sahil gets stunned seeing the bomb. Sahil says you connected a bomb to a child, what’s his shortcoming, you didn’t do right. Raman asks what was Rohan’s mix-up. Ishita says he was additionally somebody’s youngster, presently you know the torment, you demolished numerous kids by medications and executing their folks, free Shaina from the bomb, at that point your child will dispose of the bomb.

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