Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 June 2019 Written Update – The Bomb Fixed to Shaina

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 June 2019 Written Update on

Shaina requests water. Sahil says I will give you water, let me know, who gave all of you information about me. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea. He says Raman and Ishita realize you are grabbed and didn’t come to meet, none thinks about you, with the exception of me, I will give you water. He tosses the water on the ground. She says they will come. He says when they come, approach them for water.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 June 2019

He proceeds to call Munna. The controller takes the telephone. Munna says my sibling would have called me, my mum is unwell. Sahil hears this and says come and care for mum. The reviewer gives the telephone to Munna. Munna says I m likewise stressed for mum, I m stuck here, you need to take care of mum. Sahil gets some information about Raman and Ishita. Munna says don’t stress, all is well, Raman and Ishita went out, I can’t move from here, I can’t tail them. Sahil asks did whatever else go with them.

Munna says Raman and Ishita just came. Sahil says I need all the news, do anything. Assessor says I comprehended the arrangement, don’t stress Sir. Mihika asks did you get the kid. Munna attempts to hear and says which kid are they discussing. Bala gets him. Munna says I came to take water. Bala chastens him. Raman and everybody hear Bala yelling. Bala requests that they take the unexpected blessing, he was catching his discussion.

Raman says he is doing our work, he needs to educate Sahil. Munna says I came to take water. Aaliya gives a water bottle. Munna goes. He says he was showing me mankind, I tricked him, I will execute Raman, I should locate some more information. He sees examiner resting in the vehicle. He calls Sahil and says they were discussing some youngster. Sahil asks which kid.

Shaina thiks Ishita has seen my envelope, don’t have a clue how is my Samar, I m seeing him subtly since most recent six years, I have a craving for embracing him, I didn’t meet him as a result of Sahil, what will Sahil do thinking about his youngster, I don’t have a clue what will Raman and Ishita do.

Sahil says for what reason is Shaina stressed hearing over the tyke. He gets some information about the kid. Ishita says we need Sahil to turn out to see his youngster, at that point we can get him and free Shaina. Bala says his heart won’t soften. Ishita says he will come to see his youngster. Mihika asks where is that kid. Ishita says he is sheltered at Shagun and Mani’s home, we will get Sahil, he won’t hurt his tyke, I won’t let anything happen to that kid, I guarantee. Mihika says its exceptionally hazardous.

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