Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2 May 2019 Written Update – Ishita Confides In Raman

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Karan asking Rohan is he fine. He says they think we have grabbed Ishita, alongside Sahil. Ruhi says sorry, did you see Ishimaa or Shaina. Rohan says there was something fishy, she was Ishimaa, she asked them not to beat me, however she didn’t act well. Simmi says perhaps she was Shaina. Ruhi says we need to discover Ishimaa. Rohan says I m fine, we need to discover Ishita. Karan says I don’t get you, you did that with Aaliya and now you need to help Ishimaa.

Rohan says she resembles our mum, she constantly upheld me in Yug’s issue, she is in huge issue, we need to discover her. Ruhi says we are sitting tight for father. Sahil inquires as to for what reason did the street pharmacist dropped at this point. He asks Shamshad to check. Raman and Bala accompany Mani. Raman asks where is Ishita. Rohan says I have seen her there. Sahil asks how does Raman realize that we kept Shaina here. Shamshad says perhaps Rohan let him know, we should leave before Raman gets the police. Sahil says we can’t leave Shaina here. Shamshad says we need to abandon her, else we will get captured.

Sahil says I will accomplish something. He asks Shaina to transform, we will tie you up, they will think you are Ishita and take her home. She says then there must be some damage on my body. She harms herself. Sahil looks on and grins. Raman and everybody get in and discover Ishita tied up. Bala says she is Ishu, Sahil won’t tie up her better half. Raman says Ishita was wearing distinctive garments. They ask how could you reach here, where are Sahil and his men. Ishita says he has seen you coming and left. Raman says gives up quick before he comes. They all take her and leave. Sahil looks on. Everybody asks Ishita where was she, how is she.

Bala says she needs rest. Raman expresses profound gratitude Rohan, you educated us, Karan spared Ruhi previously. Rohan and Karan ask him not to express profound gratitude. They leave. Mihika says I will get haldi milk for you. Shaina goes to take rest. Simmi says we will go. Shaina calls Sahil and says truly, I m here, I need to make a story to persuade them, they will ask me inquiries tomorrow. She rests and sees a camera. She conceals it and stresses. She says until when will this dramatization proceed, to what extent will I lie to Raman, these are cameras all over, its so disturbing, I can’t tell anybody that I m Shaina and Ishita, I wish I could tell everybody that I m feeling so awful, so grieved.

Raman comes and asks what occurred. She says I m not fine, I m terrified. He says Sahil won’t hurt you, I will ensure you, where did Sahil keep you, why, who is Shaina, what’s going on. She says I m Shaina and I m Ishita. He gets stunned. She says I m so grieved. He inquires as to why. She says I had no other decision, on the off chance that I didn’t move toward becoming Shaina, Ruhi was in peril, Sahil had encircled Ruhi, she would be known as a fear-based oppressor. She educates him concerning the bomb impact, Ruhi was confined for that. She says when I returned from London… . FB demonstrates Ishita landing to astonish Raman. Sahil stops her.

She says you what’s happening. Sahil says sit in the vehicle on the off chance that you need to spare your little girl. She says I won’t. He demonstrates her the video. She gets stunned seeing Ruhi in the video and pics. She sits in the vehicle. He says I was going to offer this to police. She says Ruhi didn’t do this. He says police will think Ruhi is included, see Ruhi and Seema are great companions. She asks what do you need. He says your relative executed Muskaan.

I have pledged to destroy Bhalla family, Seema is my group part so I encircled Ruhi, presently you will do what I need, else you won’t most likely do anything, police will consider Ruhi a psychological militant. She says nobody from my family murdered Muskaan. He says then demonstrate it, I will save your family, you are Shaina Shah from today, its your new personality, Shaina Shah is my better half, you will do all my illicit works. She cannot. He says fine, I will give these pics and video to police. She says no.

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