Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2 April 2019 Written Update – Rohan Loves Aaliya a lot

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Ishita saying Yug isn’t Adi, stop this dramatization. Raman gets Karan’s message and says a great job. He says this marriage will happen tomorrow, I will converse with pandit. He goes. Ishita says tomorrow, where is Rohan, he isn’t replying. Rohan says Pandit, my administrator gave me your number, puja needs to happen tomorrow. Pandit says I need to go for leading a marriage, I will at that point go to your place, I will get the puja things, I m getting things for Bhallas too. Rohan asks whose marriage is it.

Pandit says Aaliya Bhalla. Rohan asks who is she getting hitched to. Pandit says Aditya Bhalla, Raman needs the marriage to happen tomorrow, you are certain about puja right. Rohan gets stunned. He says how could that be, Aaliya and Yug’s marriage, in what capacity can Ishita do this, I will stop this wedding, I needn’t bother with anybody, I won’t let this occur. He calls Karan and says Aaliya is wedding Yug, I m going to Bhalla house. Karan asks what, get back home, what will I tell mother.

Rohan says they have beset me a ton, Aaliya is leaving. Karan says you can go there tomorrow, mother is inquiring as to yourself, on the off chance that she discovers, she won’t go to London for her treatment, she is our mother, her wellbeing will endure, when she goes, I guarantee I will accompany you and stop the marriage get back home. Rohan says possibly you are correct, I will come. Karan says I need to advise this to Raman.

Raman says marriage will happen tomorrow first thing. Aaliya says thanks to her. Mihika says we will deal with everything. Ruhi says lets prepare for mehendi. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to converse with food providers. Mrs. Bhalla says there ought to be some music here, call Kiran likewise, she will be glad. Amma says I will check whether she comes. Yug says I need to converse with you. He asks Raman is there any issue. Raman says no, Rohan has marked the legal documents. Yug asks did he sign it.

Raman says Adi, we should concentrate on Aaliya, would prefer you not to see her cheerful. Yug gestures. Raman says grin and be cheerful, I will oversee everything. He gets Karan’s call. Karan says Rohan became more acquainted with about Aaliya and Yug’s marriage. Raman asks how, Ishita has called him without a doubt. Karan says no, I hindered her number, he became more acquainted with by the pandit, I will accompany him tomorrow and complete a show, my name shouldn’t come, you will get legal documents, you handle it.

Raman says don’t stress, and much appreciated. He says I needed to thank this moron, Rohan you can’t stop this marriage. Aaliya gets mehendi staring her in the face and grins. Shagun calls Ishita and requests that she come to Iyer house for a discussion. Ishita goes. Everybody is glad. Mani comes. Ruhi moves. Simmi says Ishita has called, she needs to converse with you. Raman and Mani run with her. Aaliya and Yug grin. Ishita says he is a legal advisor, Mr. Nair. She asks Nair to let them know for what valid reason this marriage can’t occur. Raman says we have every single authoritative archive.

Ishita says Aaliya and Rohan are legitimately married. Raman says Rohan ought to be here and dissent, he isn’t here, he as far as anyone knows adores Aaliya, would he be able to leave town realizing marriage is occurring here, Rohan acknowledges this marriage, for what reason do you have an issue. Ishita says Rohan adores Aaliya a great deal, he is letting Yug here for the good of Aaliya, I will in any case attempt to call him. Raman says it’s his misfortune in the event that he can’t come. Nair says Aaliya is as yet Rohan’s better half.

Raman says I realize its a marriage endorsement, yet I additionally have legitimate docs, nothing is illicit, I realize my better half needs everything lawful. Ishita asks what docs do you have. He says I will demonstrate to you when the time comes, you are Aaliya’s mum, come and be a piece of her bliss. Shagun asks what’s happening. Ishita says for what reason is Rohan’s telephone not reachable. Raman says Rohan has marked legal documents. Mani says I simply need Aaliya to be cheerful. Raman says me as well.

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