Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16 October 2019 Written Update – Arijit Threatens Sunil

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16 October 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Arijit perusing the letter and yelling Bhuvan, how could you extort me. He calls Bhuvan. He says I won’t leave you, I will give you cash, fine, I will come where you called me. He takes the weapon with him. He consumes the pics. Sunil leaves from that point.

Everybody is seen cheerful in Bhalla house. Peon gets a document and says Shweta has sent it. Raman says we need to fill the delicate at the present time, Yug you will deal with this. Karan grins. Raman says you are the CEO, figure out how to assume liability. Yug says Ruhi and I will do this.

Raman says no, Ruhi won’t support you. Ishita says you need to do this by itself. Yug inquires as to whether I commit an error. Raman says individual learns by mix-ups. Ruhi says Yug you can without much of a stretch do this. Yug goes. Aaliya expresses gratitude toward Raman for trusting Yug.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16 October 2019

Raman says I m simply demonstrating the correct course to my youngsters. Yug asks Raman to check the delicate once. Raman says no compelling reason to check. Yug says I was thinking to proceed to submit it. Raman says its great, change garments and go. Yug says I m committing errors, let me take Ruhi to office. Raman asks him not to stress. Yug goes to change. Ishita says I wish he gets good karma. Arijit asks Bhuvan how might you extort me. He focuses weapon at him. Bhuvan says no, I have gone ahead your call. Arijit reproves him. Bhuvan says I work for cash, yet trust me, I didn’t extort you, I have done a ton for the wellbeing of you. Arijit asks then who is doing this. Sunil comes applauding. He says what a jodi, so you were coercing me. Aaliya hangs tight for Yug’s call. Mihika prods her.

Neeti’s primary care physician calls Ishita. She asks did you get her data. He says no, Neeti needs restorative consideration, I thinks he is conceded in some other emergency clinic. She says thanks to him. Yug returns home. Raman asks what occurred. Yug says I presented the delicate.

Raman and everybody grin. Ruhi says proceed to get halwa for Yug. Yug says we will know tomorrow on the off chance that we get this agreement or not. Raman says you will get it, I m so pleased with you. Ishita educates them regarding Neeti. Karan says I have an answer, I will call my director, he will discover. Raman says we will think about Neeti now.

Arijit asks what are you doing here. Sunil says you both tricked me and Natasha, I had sent these letters, I m extorting you, I have seen you with that young lady. Sunil says you caused me to accomplish a ton of things for your childish additions, I realize you were coercing me by that video, you didn’t support me, your game is over at this point.

Arijit focuses firearm at him and undermines him. Sunil asks will I send the pics to Bhalla house, on the off chance that I don’t call the messenger fellow in 10 mins, at that point the pics will be conveyed to Bhalla house. He requests that he tune in. He calls the person and says sit tight for 5mins, else send the bundle.

Arijit asks what do you need. Sunil says 10 lakhs money, Natasha ought to be out of prison, erase the video at this moment. Arijit says you are requesting excessively. Sunil says decision is yours. Bhuvan says we will concur, stop him. Arijit calls and says prepare Natasha’s bail papers. He asks Sunil to get back home and gather cash. Arijit yells.

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