Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Argues with Ishita

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, The young ladies come and get situated. Raman comes on the first floor. He gets spinal pain. Ishita says you stand aside, Ruhi and Aaliya will do it. Raman asks Yug to do the puja. Yug does the Kanjak puja customs. Ishita and Ruhi give Chris to the young ladies.

Aaliya feels them the nourishment. They blessing something to the young ladies. The young ladies leave. Mrs. Bhalla goes to take rest. Ishita asks Mihika to serve halwa and poori. She goes out and sees Sunil. He contends with Ishita. She admonishes him and reminds that Natasha is a killer.

The secretary asks Sunil to support him and fix his PC. Sunil says I don’t have any PC learning, you discover some product fellow. He goes. The secretary says odd, Natasha disclosed to me that Sunil is a PC virtuoso, in any case, I will leave. Ishita thinks there is something, I should let Sunil remain here.

Sunil says I ought to have taken the information to coerce Bhuvan. He sees a similar van and goes to check the spot. He sees Arijit. Arijit says you will be fine soon, at that point we will return home, you can meet your companions. Sunil asks who is he conversing with. Sunil sees Neeti.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15 October 2019

Arijit thanks the attendant for dealing with his girl. She says I see Neeti as my little girl, I need her to get fine soon. Bhuvan gets the basic food item. Arijit says don’t stress over anything, I requested the proportion also, I will leave now. Sunil thinks Arijit played this game and caused me to get his little girl out from the medical clinic, they aren’t helping me in liberating Natasha from the correctional facility.

Everybody thinks where is Ishita. Raman says I was talking about the undertaking with Yug and Ruhi. Aaliya calls Ishita. Ishita comes. Aaliya asks where were you. Ishita says I thought to take a stroll before supper, its so unwinding, reviving, Aaliya you should go along with me.

Everybody takes a gander at her. She says fine, I went to get data about Neeti, so heartbroken, I feel associated with her, I continue considering her. Ruhi says don’t stress, she will be fine, we will discover her. Raman says indeed, we will discover her, don’t lie from next time, you get captured.

Its morning, everybody implores and keep some dirt in the material. Mr. Bhalla says the plants will bloom by this dirt. They go out. Sunil yells on the guardian over the wrongly left vehicle. Raman and everybody come there. Raman admonishes Sunil. They contend. The secretary comes to know the issue.

Sunil says I m paying the lease, don’t I have right to gripe. He goes. The secretary says I will converse with Sunil. Ishita says Sunil’s frame of mind has changed. Raman says we ought not to give him any significance. Sunil comes to Arijit and conveys a bundle.

Precap: Arijit gets stunned seeing Neeti and his pics. He says who could have clicked these pics.

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