Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 May 2019 Written Update – Raman Makes Clever Plan

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Amma saying I have made pakodas for everybody. She approaches isn’t their anything veg for me. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman has got veg snacks for you. Bala comes and says I prepared and came. He compliments Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi says we will have Aaliya and Yug’s groups. Mani comes and asks what’s going on. Aaliyah requests that he play Antakshari from her side. They all begin playing Antakshari. Everybody moves on Chitti kalaiyan.

Raman signs Mani and asks did you discover what’s in that bundle. Mani says it contains explosives. Raman says Sahil will be gotten now, we need him to take the bundle. Karan asks Rohan what’s going on with him, is this vital. Rohan says I need to make tracks in an opposite direction from this, I need to meet Aaliya once and for all and blessing her, with the goal that I don’t have any second thoughts. Watchman stops Sahil and says you can’t go on. Sahil says I m Ishita’s companion, she has sent me to gather something.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 May 2019

Sahil gets inside. Ishita deals with her work. Everybody is as yet moving. Sahil searches for the container and thinks what key is this. Ishita sees him in the CCTV film. She comes to Raman and says our work is finished. Amma asks what work. Raman says she wasn’t discovering her jewelry anyplace. Ishita says indeed, it was excessively simple and occurred on the portable itself. Rohan and Karan get back home. Raman says both of you… ..Ruhi asks what are you doing here. Karan says Rohan got me here. Rohan goes to Aaliya.

He says this is required, I m cheerful for you both, you folks are intended for one another. He says Yug, that is for you. He demonstrates the studs and sleeve fasteners to them as the endowments. He says Yug, I need a little thing consequently from you, it would be ideal if you keep Aaliya glad. He is sorry to everybody and leaves. Ishita says I m extremely glad that Rohan has excused Yug and Aaliya. Mani says Raman, you left your wallet upstairs. Raman requests that he tag along.

Shamshad says this crate will get blessing pressed and after that, it will go in Iyer bike. He gets Munna’s call. Munna says everything is occupied in marriage, Raman and Ishita are going out for some reason dependably. Sahil asks what are they up to, check their home CCTV film and discover. He checks the recording and says for what reason is Ishita so upbeat. Raman checks the facility CCTV film and says it plainly observed that Sahil took the crate and the case has a place with him, regardless of whether he denies this, we have this evidence. Mani says I have reported, the powder is touchy.

Sahil says Ishita is upbeat seeing something in her telephone, it’s a similar time at which I went to her center, it implies she has the facility CCTV film, she has proof against me, I won’t extra her. Karan says I need some natural air, I figure I ought to go. He demonstrates Raman’s vehicle. Shamshad says I will slaughter everybody, how could she do this.

Sahil says Ishita slaughtered none of her relatives executed Muskaan, I will make them land in such express that they admit the wrongdoing. He says Raman and Ishita will be glad to think they are encircling me, I will demonstrate what’s genuine catching. Raman asks Ishita to keep CCTV film, we will take proof to police when its least anticipated. Rohan asks what’s happening with you, I need to support you, is it Sahil’s concern. Raman says get in the vehicle, I will clarify the arrangement.

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