Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Who is Neeti’s Relative?

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Aaliya gets an espresso for Raman and Ishita. She asks did Dadu and Bua reach there. Ishita says truly, mummy ji is fine, her treatment is going on fine, family oversees pressure consistently. She tells about Neeti’s more awful state. She says in what capacity can her father disregard her, she needs assistance and care, poor young lady, I felt so awful.

Aaliya says truly, that is extremely miserable. Raman says I likewise met that young lady and felt awful, you won’t converse with her father. Aaliya inquires as to for what reason will Ishita meddle in their family matter. Ishita asks don’t I have any work. She goes. She calls the medical clinic and says I m Neeti’s relative, is her father there and passes me his number. The medical attendant says sorry, its secret information, we can’t offer it to you. Ishita says I see, no issue. She finishes the call and says I won’t leave that man.

Raman snickers and asks Aaliya to give him the cash, he won. Aaliya says Amma has won. Ishita asks what’s happening. Raman says we had a wagered that you will call the medical clinic to think about Neeti’s father. Aaliya says you are so eager. Ishita asks how could you do know. Raman says who realizes you superior to me, I asked you not to engage in this. She says she is a young lady, she needs us. He says fine, help Neeti, however, don’t tackle her family issues. Aaliya asks what’s Neeti’s complete name. Raman says don’t have the foggiest idea.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10 October 2019

Aaliya says I heard her name someplace. He says don’t begin now. Arijit asks Bhuvan to offer him guidance. Bhuvan gets upbeat. Arijit acts great. He says my companion’s girl is stuck someplace, he doesn’t have a clue how. Bhuvan asks is she a crook. Arijit says I will slap you, no, she is definitely not a lawbreaker, she is conceded in the emergency clinic, my companion needs me to get her out, his girl’s state isn’t fine, she gets fierce, let me know, how might we do this.

Bhuvan says we will go in the murkiness around evening time and get her, none will know, trust me. Arijit says splendid, will you help me. Bhuvan says sure, I m master in taking camouflage. Arijit says it’s genuine, my companion’s little girl is not kidding. Bhuvan asks which emergency clinic. Ishita goes to see Neeti. She sees somebody and goes to check. She sees Neeti. Neeti shouts and shows somebody. Ishita says please unwind, I have come to help, did anybody come here.

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