Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Pandit Asks Yug & Aaliya

Written Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

He says come up with a rationalization and I will be back soon, I need this undertaking to be a present for Aaliya and Yug, Mani and Shagun can do kanyadaan, you made me wear this fortunate arm jewelry, think we are as one, on the off chance that we miss this task, it will be a colossal misfortune for me and numerous individuals. She says return soon. Its morning, Raman and Ishita come to Aaliya.

He says your life is getting bliss, you need to pick if your joy matters or the welfare of numerous individuals. Aaliya inquires as to for what reason are you asking this, Ishita instructed me to consider others, feelings debilitate us. He endowments her wedding dress. She expresses profound gratitude, however for what reason are you offering this to me now. Ishita says he needs to go to Mumbai, numerous lives rely upon it, it will be great on the off chance that he goes. Aaliya asks will he go today.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 July 2019 Episode

He says I need to go by and by for mineral water venture. She says you can’t go, this isn’t reasonable. He says I m feeling all the more awful, I guarantee you, I will return soon, I need Yug to deal with this venture. Aaliya says return soon. He says I will return soon. He jokes. Ishita asks can’t be meeting be maintained a strategic distance from. He says I can’t stay away from this, I will be back soon. A man is seen sitting in his office. His associate calls him and says Raman is going someplace, I will call you at the correct time with the goal that you can strike him.

The man wears a top and takes a weapon. He sees Raman’s pics and hits with a blade. Everybody gets occupied in marriage plans. Ruhi takes Karan aside and says Aaliya had given me the bangles to guard it, Yug had talented it to her, don’t have a clue where I kept it, I have checked my room well, what will I provide for Aaliya now. He says you go to Aaliya, I will discover the bangles, don’t stress, simply go, Aaliya is pausing. She goes.

He says in what manner will I get the bangles, Aaliya will get injured. Ishita prepares. She gets Raman’s call. He asks are the courses of action done. She says I have worn the saree skilled by you. She says I m in strain, everybody will be disturbed, did you achieve airplane terminal. He says my vehicle stalled, I booked a taxi. She says to return, I feel something isn’t right, you ought to be here with us, its a sign.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 July 2019 Episode

He says my significant other can’t be so superstitious. She says you ought to be here with family, return. He says you are making me feel remorseful, fine I will return. She says sorry, I m sounding narrow-minded, send me your flight subtleties. He requests that her open the organizer, there is an astonishment for her. She gets a container and sees arm jewelry. She says good, this is beautiful, this wasn’t required. He says you can wear it without my assistance, wear it and demonstrate to me what it looks like.

She says return soon to see me wearing this, mummy ji is calling me. He says bye, my taxi has come, love you. She says bye, will miss you. The man sees Raman going. Karan considers bangles. Bala and Mani bother Yug and prepare him. Bala says your affection will finish in a half year, man will simply be a manikin of his significant other, much the same as Mani. Mani asks am I henpecked, not me, Raman, at any rate where is Raman. Karan says Raman is calling you outside. Bala and Mani go.

Yug says they frightened me, will I truly finish up like henpecked spouse. Karan says to leave it, you need to get hitched. Yug says I need to wed. Karan says better to wed and lament, you purchased bangles for Aaliya, Ruhi enjoyed it, I need to purchase the same one, do you realize shop number. Yug says that was fake, you can purchase genuine ones, I got it from the shop close to the sanctuary. Karan calls somebody. He says I trust this thought works else Ruhi. Ruhi searches for the bangles.

Simmi requests that her fix Gajra to Aaliya. Ruhi says ask Ishita, I have much work. She gets Aaliya’s message. Aaliya requests the bangles. Ruhi says I need to proceed to reveal to her that I lost it. Ishita compliments Aaliya. Ruhi says indeed, she looks extremely beautiful. They see Ishita’s wristband. Aaliya says Raman skilled it, it’s so sentimental, I wish Yug is likewise sentimental like him, where are the bangles. Karan comes.

Ishita asks what happened Ruhi, is there an issue. Karan says you gave me bangles for clean, I got it. Ruhi expresses gratitude toward her. Aaliya checks the bangles and says this isn’t my wrist trinket. Karan asks would it say it isn’t yours? He says good, I figure businessperson did some slip-up or exchanged it with other client’s bangles, sorry it’s my issue. Ruhi says stop it, for what reason are you accusing yourself, it’s my issue.

Ishita says its genuine precious stone bangles. Aaliya says Yug’s bangles are extraordinary to me, where is it. Shagun says I took this for cleaning. Ruhi says I thought I lost it, sorry Aaliya, Karan concocted this thing to support me.

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