Yeh Hai Chahatein 25 Dec 2020: Episode Written Update, Preesha while heading towards Arjun’s home.

Written Update: Yeh Hai Chahatein 25 Dec 2020 episode written update.

Today Yeh Hai Chahatein 25 Dec 2020 episode, He says he told that he is going fortune recording. She trusts Arjun tells truth and encourages them. He says he will most likely assist as Mahima conned him. Sharda sees Saransh actually playing the game and requests that he quit playing and study for his test. Saransh leaves. Sharda asks Mahima for what good reason didn’t she prevent Saransh from playing the game and make him concentrate for the test. Mahima says he needed to play, so she let him play as she would not like to squeeze him, in any case, Saransh is rockstar Rudra’s child and doesn’t have to buckle down. Sharda says Preesha never used to do that, consistently needed her child to act naturally needy and herself used to show him during tests. Mahima yells didn’t she see what Preesha did.

On the other side, Rudra with Preesha arrives at Arjun’s home where the worker illuminates him that Arjun has gone for his wedding to Noida. He lies that he came for Arjun’s wedding however failed to remember the scene’s name. The worker says Samuhik Vivah at Nandandvan, however, Arjun sir didn’t welcome anybody and he never observed him. Rudra says he is Arjun’s beloved companion and accompanied his significant other from London. Back in-vehicle, Rudra discloses to her that they need to uncover Mahima soon as she is perilous. Preecha says they had come here for that, yet couldn’t discover Arun, so they should go to Noida to meet him.

Back at home, Sharda says Mahima ought to gain from Preesha how to raise her child. Mahima exhaust thinking this elderly person is too aggravating, at that point says she is correct and will gain from Preesha. Saransh gets back with books. Mahima asks Sharda t be with Saransh while she gets a few natural products for Saransh. Sharda concurs. Mahima leaves and keeps skate load up on strides to make Sharda tumble down. She re-visitations of room and expresses gratitude toward Sharda for her assistance, she will gain from Preesha howto up bring Saransh.

Sharda leaves inquiring as to whether she needs any assistance and figures why she can’t acknowledge Mahima and why she feels Preesha is right even after what she did. She steps on skate board, slips from steps, and tumbles down harmed. Mahima grins watching that and thinks she showed a thing or two to an elderly person. Rudra gets a call from Balraj that Sharda tumbled from steps and is harmed, so he moved her to City Hospital. Rudra says he will come there at the present moment and detaches the call.

Preesha demands Rdura to go with him to the clinic, yet Rudra says Mahima would be near and subsequently he will drop her home. He drops her home and leaves saying he will educate her about Sharda’s condition once he arrives at the clinic. He arrives at an emergency clinic where the specialist treats Sharda that she didn’t bring about any break and her temple injury is likewise fine, so after perception and test outcomes return, she can return home. Rudra asks how could she tumble down.

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