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Why we need free articles? celebrities related blog starsofworld.com allows guest post only at personal request. What is the procedure for it? really simple indeed. No need to subscribe to our blog or become a registered user at SOW.  Check out the full procedure of “Write for Us” guest post here at SOW which is actually stars of world.

Just one thing kept it in your mind, your article will follow all our policies, content or media policies as well. It will pass through a screening process, it may take 24 hours to respond. You will get the message, once your article has been approved and published.

Approval Requirements:

  • 100% original manually written article.
  • No spun or copy paste allowed.
  • Minimum 500 Words article is allowed.
  • Only one internal link in 500 Words.
  • 1000 words article can be included with 2 internal links.
  • 1.5k words article can be with 3 internal links.
  • Minimum 50 to 60 character title allowed.
  • You must have a maximum 160 characters in the meta description.
  • Not a single “PROHIBITED” word is allowed.
  • Hate, Negative content is not allowed.
  • Starsofworld.com requires 48 hours to publish requested content.
  • This is free of cost platform.

Are you agree with these terms and conditions? that sounds good for both of us. Now “Contact US” through our contact page and send your article submission request, our team will try to respond you directly within 24 hours.