Vish 25 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Sabrina Peeks into Main Hall

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Rudra Maa asks Alia who gave her the natural product. Aditya glances around to discover the kinner. Tamoori holed up behind a divider and figures he should fix this old woman. Rudra Maa considers how they couldn’t make sense of it was an underhanded soul. She offered Rudraksh to Mohit. They glance around. Aditya was additionally stressed over where Mohit has gone. Rudra Maa goes to check where Mohit is. Rudra Maa and Tamoori have a battle with one another.

Mohit remained on the limit mass of porch. Shak Chunni held his hand and inquires as to whether he can forfeit his life in her affection? Would he be able to try and hop down? Mohit grins and answers he can even forfeit his life and hop from here. Rudra Maa searched for Mohit. Tamoori stops Rudra Maa as the kinner. He expels his symbol dress. Rudra Maa on the double judge this is a Tantric and Sabrina must have enjoyed his assistance to reprieve the Lakshman Rekha, it won’t be a simple battle with him. The two of them strike towards one another.

Vish 25 September 2019

Sabrina looks into the lobby and thinks she needs to divert Aditya, at exactly that point she can capture Alia. She starts a move execution, believing it’s the best way to occupy Aditya. She moves on ‘honton me esi baat me daba k chali ayi’. Aditya doesn’t move. There, Mohit was going to bounce off the patio. He was stricken by the real world and without a moment’s delay considers what he is upto. Shak Chunni inquires as to whether he doesn’t love her. Mohit turns back and says he will just bounce alongside her.

He addresses what her identity is. Shak Chunni says she needed a simple demise for him however now she won’t extra her. Mohit contemplates the Rudraksh given to him by Rudra Maa. She asserted it will invigorate him the to battle underhanded. Shak Chunni assaults Mohit with her long nails. Rudra Maa advises Tamoori to leave, as she can never let him and Sabrina succeed. Tamoori strikes to murder Rudra Maa. Rudra Maa gets a set back and fell on the sofa oblivious with his next strike. Sabrina watches the bolt had finished on the sky outside. She believes it’s presently time to strike. She maneuvers Aditya into the move yet Aditya was suspicious and stops her. Sabrina works with her enchantment, pushing Aditya towards the divider and capturing him in cobweb.

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