Vish 20 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Sabrina brings a demon

Written Update: Vish 20 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

Sabrina goes ahead overhang and uses her forces to make overwhelming breezes in the house. Alia battles to keep Diya lit up. Sabrina says currently battle my forces, Alia you cannot proceed, cleric tumbles down and hits his head. Sabrina assaults them more. Alia tumbles down as well.

Aditya brings Vishaira to his home and says we need to stop Sabrina. Inside Sabrina reveals to Alia that you have my child in your stomach so secure him. Aditya sees Alia resting, he attempts to go to her however Vishaira stops him and says we need to trap Sabrina.

Aditya alludes to Alia and leaves. Alia discloses to Sabrina that I will do as you state. Sabrina says you need to acknowledge this infant. Alia says I will do everything, simply stop this agony, please. Sabrina grins.

Vish 20 September 2019

Aditya comes in Sabrina’s room and finds a light there. He comes in the parlor. Alia discloses to Sabrina that her end is here. Sabrina says what? Alia says till I am alive, you cannot remove my infant. Aditya says we won’t let you. Sabrina says you are back, where is Rudra?

Aditya says I have another person. Vishaira comes there. Does Sabrina say, sibling? Vishaira says you won’t invite me? He demonstrates her light through which he took her forces.

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