Vish 19 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Vishaira Tries to Attack Sabrina

Written Update: Vish 19 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

Alia begins pooja with clerics, she feels torment in body. Sabrina says the child will kick the bucket, stop this. Cleric says we are removing underhanded from her body. Aditya enters Yakshini’s cave and sees Vishaira tied there, he reviews episodes with him and how Sabrina sent Yakshini to remove him, she attracted him and removed him. Aditya asks Vishaira to wake up, you cannot bite the dust, he sees him hanging to a divider.

Yakshini comes there and says he is passed on, you are going to bite the dust also, she is going to assault him yet Aditya moves away and light from an entryway falls on her, she shouts in torment. Diya fire falls on Sabrina’s saree and it bursts into flames, she says goodness.. she snoozes it off and feels that I need to stop them, she prevents Rudra from turning out to bottle and goes from that point.

Vish 19 September 2019

Aditya turns on his telephone’s LED light to move in sanctum yet Yakshini assaults him and his telephone tumbles down. Rudra breaks jug and turns out. She grows up yet Sabrina finds another container and returns her in. She secures her an organizer and says now I need to stop Alia.

Aditya runs and opens a window, he snatches Yakshini and opens her to daylight, she shouts in torment. Aditya takes a weapon and cuts her, she evaporates from that point. Vishaira is blacking out yet Aditya goes to spare him.

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