Vish 14 June 2019 Written Update – Alia Slips in the Pool

Written Update: Vish 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Aditya drives the car. She thinks it is a driver but is shocked to see him. He stops the car in surprise. You are so bold to call me a driver while sitting in my car only? Let’s take off now. He starts driving menacingly to scare Alia. He stops it upon her request. She asks him if he doesn’t have a brain. He replies that he follows his heart.

Vish 14 June 2019

She reasons that there could have been an accident. He points out that he didn’t offer to take her around in the first place. She calls him selfish for not caring about anyone else. He thanks her. She tells him to thank her for the day he realizes the value of people and selflessness. He isn’t interested in such lessons. Find your way. I am not interested. She holds his car. You are more concerned about materialist stuff rather than the lives of people.

She throws the keys of his car in the river nearby. It is useless now. He pours alcohol on the car. I have no interests in useless things like you. He sets it on fire shocking Alia. Sabrina tells Bhandari to find the guy at any cost asap. He tells her he is tired. I have an idea. Make that mark on my body and keep me with you.

She tells him to use his brain instead of mouth and find the guy. Bhandari apologizes. He speaks of the pool party. Sabrina overhears his idea and likes it. I thought humans are dumb but he used it rightly for the first time. It will be awkward keeping Mohit’s condition in mind but I have to do it before Vishaila catches me.

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