Vish 13 June 2019 Written Update – She calls herself CCTV of Kothari

Written Update: Vish 13 June 2019 Written Update on

Vishera tries getting inside the Kothari Mansion but the guard does not allow him. Salesmen like you come here every day! Vishera thinks there is no one like him but the guard won’t understand that. His feet turn blue for a second. He laughs. The color will change depending on how close I am to you, Vishkanya. Sabrina burns the photos. There will be a storm in my life if I don’t find the guy with that special mark asap.

Vish 13 June 2019

Vishera makes a sign in the sky. I have come so far. You too must take a few steps towards me now! Vishaili / Sabrina sees it too and panics. Vishera says I left a hint for you in the sky Vishkanya. Now you will know that I am here! Sabrina says only he can make this sign in the sky. I fall weak in front of him! Only he can scare me in this world! I have to find that guy with the Special mark and give his body to Vishaila.

We will be able to extend our family then only. Where is the guy with that special mark? She throws the stuff angrily in his room and shouts.
Alia finds out from the driver that the reports will come by evening. She asks him how she can go to the market. He points at a car. She sits inside it. She is looking at the mirror but it breaks shocking her. She drops it in shock and bends down to pick it.

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