Vikram Betaal 7 May 2019 Written Update – Vikram Saves Betaal & Regains His Youth

Written Update: Vikram Betaal 7 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vikram calling Betaal and seeking him. He says don’t lose courage..friend. I am with you. He sits close to the tree and sees the sun is going to set. He supposes to look betaal soon. He approaches where to look for him. Simply then Pakshi Raj/feathered creature King comes there and helps to remember his guarantee. Vikram says I recollect, however till now I couldn’t ensure my companion Betaal and says in the wake of sparing him, I will give my eyes locate. Winged animal lord tells that life closes, however the work doesn’t and requests that he give his sight or acknowledge that you are uncouth to satisfy your guarantee.

Vikram Betaal 7 May 2019

Vikram says on the off chance that I have given you guarantee, at that point will satisfy it as well. He requests that he take his eyes to locate and says I am before you. Betaal calls Vikram. Kumudi says your honest companion bhadrakaal is going to come to take you from here. Pakshi raj grabs locate from Vikram. Vikram ends up visually impaired. Pakshi raj says it appears you are unsettled satisfying your guarantee. Vikram says he is pitiful that he can’t spare betaal now. Pakshi Raj says I am awed with you and says you can request that my anything help you. Vikram requests that how battle with the abhorrent forces. Pakshi Raj educates the question concerning somebody tears valuable to battle malicious. Vikram thinks whose tears he was discussing. Bhadrakaal says Vikram and betaal will cry now and I will end up godlike.

Betaal calls Vikram again and approaches him to want his last time. Kumudi says Vikram had before lost his childhood and now probably lost his sight. Betaal says he is Vikram and will come to spare me even subsequent to losing everything. Vikram is seeking Betaal and asks where are you? Betaal says I am here. Vikram hears his voice. He thinks about the question and supposes whose tears he was discussing? He reaches resolution that betaal can be spared by winged creatures’ tears. He calls the flying creatures and requests that they spare betaal.

Kumudi hears some music. Vikram is playing the musicality with his hand and mouth to call the feathered creatures. Betaal reveals to her that her end came. The winged creatures hovered over the pot and the chudails and drop their tear. The tears fall on the chudails and they meet their end. Kumudi is stunned. Betaal gets liberated from the pot and turns out. She discloses to Kumudi that he had said that Vikram will spare him. He says thanks to Vikram out loud. Vikram thinks Betaal is protected hearing him. Betaal says chudail devi, you are furious and requests that her go to bhadrakaal and get treatment. She says I will treat you first and assaults him, yet nothing transpires.

Betaal says I am betaal and you can’t make me mud like this town individuals and says now observe what I will do with you. Kumudi disappears. Betaal thinks to take the pot to Vikram. Vikram thanks the winged creatures for sparing Betaal and says I am be appreciative to all of you life. Kumudi comes to him and asks how you will ensure yourself now. Vikram says Devi Kumudi. She says no, and says she is his demise. Vikram says Bhadrakaal is abusing you. Kumudi says she will make him of sand like the locals.

She assaults his eyes with her eyes, however her forces hit her over from Vikram’s eyes and she gets singed. Bhadrakaal sees everything and is stunned. He says putli, you have finished my arrangement, for what reason did you assault Vikram. He says you couldn’t hurt betaal and assaulted Vikram. He says I won’t abandon you Betaal and will do your end.

Vikram thinks what’s going on as Kumudi dissipates. Pakshi Raj comes to Vikram and says I came to restore your visual perception. Vikram says I have utilized your sand. Pakshi Raj says it is utilized for dharm and that is the reason I am restoring your sight. He restores his sight. Vikram could see him and nature. Pakshi Raj leaves. The children’s spirit come to Vikram and says you have made us feel our childhood and expresses gratitude toward him. He says we will restore your childhood. They return his childhood. Vikram ends up youthful again and the adult kids turns out to be little children.

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