Vikram Betaal 14 May 2019 Written Update – Vikram Decides To Sacrifice

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The Episode begins with Maharaj Somdev asks the bhooki mata to have meat laddoo. The bhooki Mata curses him to move toward becoming Danav and says your craving will end eating your kin. Somdev attempts to apologize, yet futile. Somdev’s dad soul reveals to Vikram this is the means by which Somdev moved toward becoming danav and ate him first. Vikram requests that how to make him revile free and says Somdev himself doesn’t think about it. Somdev’s dad says I don’t have the foggiest idea.

Vikram Betaal 14 May 2019

Vikram advises that they need to free him. They come to Somdev and tell that the Danav isn’t his dad. Somdev asks then who is he and solicits Vikram to tell the name from the individual and says he will rebuff him seriously. Betaal says you know him great and says your very own dad’s spirit disclosed to us reality. Somdev asks what did my dad state and tells that I will execute that individual. Vikram gives his sword and requests that he execute himself. Somdev inquires as to why?

Vikram says that Danav slaughtering your own kin is you as it were. Somdev asks what are you saying? Betaal says this is the truth and tells that you have executed your dad moreover. Somdev says this can’t occur. Vikram says you don’t recollect whatever you did in the wake of getting to be Danav. He helps him to remember Bhooki Mata’s revile. Maharaj Somdev separates hearing he is the killer of his dad and his kin. Vikram requests that he capture himself and keep him hostage to secure his kin. Somdev says you said right and says he will go to karagaar.

Vikram Betaal 14 May 2019

Betaal says until he is liberated from revile, the issue isn’t illuminated. Maharani comes in front of Vikram and says I would have revealed to you that my significant other is Danav. She says I am his significant other and saw Maharaj changing in Danav symbol. Betaal inquires as to why you didn’t let me know. Maharani says I figured you can’t trust me and can’t discover the arrangement. Maharani says she went to bhooki Mata disclosed to her that on the off chance that some other lord presents himself in front of Danav Avatar, at that point Maharaj’s fix will end.

Vikram chooses to give his life to get Maharaj Somdev to get free of the revile. She says the general population here is bound to progress toward becoming sustenance of their lord and approaches them to leave for their terrible predetermination. She demands Vikram and Betaal to leave. Vikram says no Maharani and tells that he didn’t leave any issue unsolved and tells that very soon Maharaj will get revile free.

Betaal asks Vikram what he thought and guaranteed Maharani. He says no one can change one’s predetermination and says a few issues can’t be explained. He says we will go to Bhav Log. Betaal asks where are you going, to look through a lord who will prepare to turn into Danav’s nourishment. Vikram says that man/lord is standing in front of you. Betaal is stunned and says I won’t let this occur, I am your companion, how might you talk about giving your life in front of me. He tells that there is no dharm than sparing individuals. Vikram says I won’t prevent you from now. Betaal says who will spare me from Bhadrakaal. Vikram says you needed my life for this.

Betaal says you need to offer mukti to putlis. Vikram says you are reasonable to kill Bhadrakaal and says I can’t remain without helping these individuals and approaches him to help him for last time. Betaal says what I can accomplish for you. Vikram requests that he free Somdev so he can move toward becoming Danav and get revile free. Bhadrakaal giggles and thinks Vikram is glad for his guarantee, and this guarantee will move toward becoming the reason for his end. He snickers and get cheerful and says Vikram is betaal’s shield and says once Vikram kicks the bucket, he will get Betaal.

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